Titan Apex AP Zero Gravity Massage Chair Review Jun 2024

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After reviewing so many varieties of massage chairs over the years, I still ask myself the same question.

Why is it that even the best of them do not pay much heed to our feet? Rarely have I come across a chair that does have something specially made for our tired soles.

This is why when Osaki released the Titan Chair Apex, I was quite thrilled. My friend, Kathy, always keeps track of the latest trends in the market of lifestyle products, and she said many had praised the foot massage quality of this model.

And after trying out this massage chair, I felt it really deserves an unbiased opinion for all my readers.

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Titan Massage Chair Review Jun 2024: Why buy this product?

titan massage chair reviewI’d be talking about its impressive features after I’m done talking about the foot rollers. I can’t seem to get over the quality of the leg massage the dual rollers offer. I hold very few doubts regarding Titan’s quality of massage because its manufacturer, Osaki, is a class of its own when it comes to relaxation and therapy.

Still, we gotta check how this Titan model fares as we can’t take the product home simply because of one star-feature.

Dual-roller technology for the feet

I love the dedicated foot rollers of this model that you can control separately with the remote. What’s more, with each massage mode, the rollers seem to change its style, ensuring an optimal massage experience focusing all around the feet. It would feel great to stretch your legs on the adjustable leg rest after a hectic day.

Strangely enough, it seems that for chair massagers, the feet are the most underrated organs, but Titan has got you covered with these great rollers.

Auto body scan and L-track massage

While most models of Osaki comprise of these two vital features, the Titan Chair Apex combines the body scan and L-track massage system with 4 automated massage programs. I’ll be coming to these massage programs shortly. But before that, let me tell you a bit about the body scan and L-track system.

The Auto Body Scan system, as the name suggests, scans your body and locates your exact pressure points along which the rollers of the chair would move. Everyone’s body is unique, and this is why the massage chair adjusts its rollers, locating your comfort-spots.

And it’s the impressive L-track massage system that maps all the pressure points around your spine right up to the glutes and maneuvers the rollers accordingly. These two systems work in perfect sync with the dual rollers, and that’s why the foot massage is all the more efficient.

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Automated massage programs

This feature comes second in my preferences after the advanced foot rollers. The pre-programmed massage styles involve kneading, knocking, tapping, rolling, and Shiatsu. What’s more,  you can combine these styles as well, and switching them also changes the intensity and style of foot massage.

Zero-Gravity massage system & Airbag massage

Well, the zero-gravity seating forms the core of this chair’s comfort. It’s a seating position that elevates your legs to the height of your heart in an astronaut-like stance. This takes all the pressure from your back and regulates circulation.

This is coupled with the compression massage provided by more than 20 airbags that carefully tend to your shoulders, calves, thighs, neck, and lumbar region. The airbag massage is also marked with a heat therapy system that releases all the muscle knots and improves circulation.

What could have been better?

It feels great to unwind in this chair, and more so because Osaki manages to make a perfect sync between all the different features. But it still leaves me wanting more as they could have included a few more auto-massage programs as well as a manual massage program.

Also, I missed directing the rollers specifically on my aching shoulders or the glutes. That’d have been perfect!


  • Dual foot rollers for extra comfort
  • FDA approved
  • Space-saving design
  • Lumbar heating technology


  • Very basic auto massage programs
  • No manual massage


Apart from everything else, another aspect of Titan Chair Apex that I love is its space-saving design. I can easily fit it in both the rooms of my not-so-huge apartment, and that makes it a good deal even for all that it lacks.

So, yeah, it’s definitely a good buy if you can live with the basic auto-massage programs. The rollers, undoubtedly, would be a treat for your feet.

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