Zero Gravity Massage Chair Reviews Jul 2024

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A lot of massage chairs these days seem to boast of zero-gravity seating. So, picking any random chair should serve the purpose, right?

Wrong! Zero-gravity seating may lie at the heart of today’s relaxation technology, but a lot goes around it as well. Although this NASA-inspired seating position enhances all the other features, it can only do so much.

So, merely focusing on zero-gravity or going only for high-end features isn’t a wise idea. To know the secret to getting the most out of the zero-gravity seating, it’s essential to understand the underlying mechanics of massage chairs, and this is what I shall do today by clearing all your doubts about zero-gravity technology with this detailed buyer’s guide.

Best Zero Gravity Massage Chair Reviews Jul 2024

Why do we need zero-gravity seating in the first place?

Although it’s a popular feature available in most massage chairs, many don’t know all the benefits of this technology. Apart from relieving your back, it immensely helps with circulation, reduces swelling, and regulates your breathing, which further helps stress and anxiety.

Another major benefit is that it does away with extra body fluids and balances their levels throughout the body. And with the Hybrid L/S technology, it generates targeted pressure-point massage across and along the spine.

The zero-gravity seating is the crux that enhances all the other features of your massage chair. This is why, when selecting one, I always measure which is the most comforting set of features for me. For instance, the Shiatsu and the kneading style combination works great with the lumbar heat technology, while the Computer Body Scan System works more efficiently with the 4D massage system.

Kinds of zero-gravity seating

Needless to say, at the core of this entire mechanism lies the Zero Gravity Massage System. Now, the NASA-inspired seating system comes in 2 styles: the older generation 2-stage massage system, and the advanced 3-stage zero gravity position available in 4D massage chairs.

2-stage zero gravity is the widely prevalent seating position available in most massage chairs. The first stage involves aligning your body to an angle of over 120 degrees. The second stage reclines your body into a state of perfect weightlessness and instantly takes away all the pressure from your back.

The 3-stage zero gravity is the upgraded version where the chair protrudes up to 4 inches in the weightless position and gives you an intense deep tissue massage. The 4D massage system enables this process, but it’s available mostly in high-end chairs and some mid-range models like the Human Touch Sleep Navitas.

So, you got to make your pick considering your budget, and also the number of features you’d prefer for a deep relaxation experience. In my opinion, investing more on a multitude of functions with 2-stage seating is a wiser choice than emptying your wallet only for the 4D system.

Well, to get the most out of your massage chair, you gotta think of the different combinations that work great with zero-gravity seating. But before that, you need to decide the base purpose of your chair. Is it also for therapy, or is it just for relaxation?

Massage Chair for Therapy

Air massage

Where treatment is involved, always look for a massage chair that comes in a combination of zero-gravity seating and deep compression massage. For that, you need to find which models have more efficient airbag systems. Generally, airbags with larger surface areas wrap each body part with a better grip in varying intensities, and that works great in preventing recurring pains.

Moreover, I always prefer those chairs which have an option of a localized compression massage. A specific air massage of the glutes and thighs prevents bone degeneration diseases such as osteoporosis and arthritis in the long run, especially for those with hectic schedules.

Body Stretch

This is another excellent therapeutic feature that improves your posture and keeps your body uptight, reducing the chances of back pain. Body stretch works in sync with the zero-gravity seating, and in the 170-degree recline position, you can get the most out of this feature.

Full body stretch and air massage form the perfect combination of therapeutic massage if you’re looking for chairs inclined towards pain treatment. It gears up the healing procedure from the day-to-day wear and tear and leaves you completely relaxed and pain-free. And zero-gravity is there to top it all!

Massage chair for relaxation

Now we turn to the relaxation quotient and let’s see how zero-gravity works best to push your relaxation levels to the extreme. In my experience of reviewing massage chairs, I’ve observed that chairs that give special care to your feet offer the most relaxing massage experience.

Well, to get the most out of this rejuvenation exercise, you gotta look for two things. First, a chair with unique foot massaging techniques and extendable leg rest. Second, quad rollers with a hybrid L/S technology. Not to mention that at the core of all these features again lies the zero-gravity seating.

Foot massager

I always prefer rollers for my feet instead of airbags. Rollers aren’t just better circulation boosters; they are experts at hitting the acupoints of my sore feet and relaxing them in the least span of time.

And don’t forget the extendable leg rest. The comfort of stretching your legs to the maximum extent is unparalleled with the rollers doing their job in the perfect weightless position.

Hybrid L/S Technology

When you’re in that astronaut-like stance, the L/S technology hits up the relaxation quotient by tracking your spine horizontally and vertically. After it locates all your pressure points, it adjusts its rollers to move along them, and that works wonders on any pain.

An essential part of relaxation is regulating breathing. The quad rollers work out the perfect sync with the weightless stance to enhance the deep breathing mechanism for mindful concentration. The result is a perfectly relaxed body ready to fight another hectic day!

Final words

A lot of massage chairs may come with this ingenious feature, but very few manage to make full use of its potential. So, your only job is to note down your needs and follow which of these combinations suit you best. Good luck!

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