Positive Posture Brio Massage Chair Review 2021

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When my friend Simone asked me to list some of the most elegant massage chairs that could blend anywhere and also easily last for a decade, I was in a fix.

I’ve tested and reviewed many massage chairs over the years. Despite thinking hard, I couldn’t find anything which catered to all these factors without crossing the limit of 10,000 dollars.

After searching the internet for weeks, I finally stumbled upon some Positive Posture massage chairs. I was pretty apprehensive about them at first, but after reading so many positive verified user reviews, I thought to try out their Brio Massage Chair.

And guess what? It comes with so many advanced features that it’s difficult to resist this product. So much so that I wanted all my readers to know about this genius massage chair.

Positive Posture Brio Massage Chair (Black)
1 Reviews
Positive Posture Brio Massage Chair (Black)
  • 10 programmed massage sessions as well as manual capabilities

Brio Massage Chair Review 2021: Why buy this product?

brio massage chair reviewSimply providing relief is mainstream, but Positive Posture massage chairs have a holistic approach towards health and happiness. The Brio Massage Chair is only a proud addition to its long list of elegant products that comes from years of research and an uncompromising eye for detail. Still, before any final verdict, I’d like to measure each feature carefully for an unbiased judgment.

4D and L-track massage system

The Brio packs too many features into its design and still manages to make them all work together in perfect sync. First, there’s the advanced 4D massage system that protrudes the chair up to 3.5 inches against your body for a deep tissue relaxation. But what amazed me even more was its novel Soft Motion technology that borrows from traditional Chinese massage techniques to focus on localized massages.

The L-track massage system further enhances this intelligent technology by mapping all the pressure points of your body and hitting them up with the traditional massage styles. And the best part is all of this combined closely mimics the hands of a professional masseur.

Acupressure and airbags

Positive Posture has replaced the computer body scan system with a unique Acupressure point locator scan. For those who don’t know, acupoints are unique pressure points in your body, which, when hit correctly, works wonders on muscle knots and boosts circulation. The only difference with acupoints is hitting them fills your body with extreme energy apart from instant pain relief.

After the massage chair is done identifying all the pressure points, its localized air massage for the calves, thighs, glutes, hips, and arms unwinds your body perfectly. In my experience, this is one of the most efficient relaxing procedures that have some therapeutic benefits too.

Positive Posture Brio Massage Chair (Black)
1 Reviews
Positive Posture Brio Massage Chair (Black)
  • 10 programmed massage sessions as well as manual capabilities

Zero-gravity, heat massage, and auto-massage programs

Talking about therapeutic benefits, I loved the gradual, soothing heat the chair provides for the lumbar region and the legs. Now, very few massage chairs have a dedicated heating procedure for your feet. Positive Posture takes care of that by including advanced rollers alongside the adequate heat, and with the 10 different auto-massage programs, I completely forgot about my back pain in a matter of minutes.

The manual massage mode improves your overall health after prolonged exposure to the entire therapeutic massage system.

Needless to say, at the core of this wonderful mechanics lies the 2-stage zero gravity system, which is the root of your comfort. The zero-gravity seating holds it all together! And even here, Positive Posture strives to make a difference by reclining your legs to about 80 degrees with its adjustable footrest raise. Other than that, the flat positioning or the weightless, astronaut-like posture gives a stable recline of 157 degrees.

It will take you a bit of time before you discover all the features of this product and start seeing their effects on your overall health. So, hang on, relax, and enjoy Brio’s superb functional simplicity.

What could have been better?

To be honest, I had to think hard to find any pitfall from my numerous experiences with this massage chair. And the result is, I’m still thinking! Apart from the price, there is nothing much to complain about this chair, and your body will thank you a lot once you take this impressive product home. I must say that it’s a costly model but a good bargain nonetheless.

  • Intelligent Soft motion 4D massage
  • 10 automated massage programs
  • Acupoint treatment
  • Special heated massage for the legs
  • Price


If you ask me, I’d tell you to hit the “Buy Now” button right away.

This massage chair is worth every penny because Positive Posture always manages to come out with at least one unique feature in each of their models, and Brio Massage Chair has loads of them!

Positive Posture Brio Massage Chair (Black)
1 Reviews
Positive Posture Brio Massage Chair (Black)
  • 10 programmed massage sessions as well as manual capabilities

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