Galaxy EC-555 Longer S-Track Full Body Massage Chair Review Jun 2024

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It is only natural for you to have second thoughts about buying a massage chair. Even more so if you aren’t sure of its cost-effectiveness.

I’ve come across numerous people who step down from making a final decision, mainly because these luxuries are outrageously expensive.

I once used to believe that massage chairs aren’t worth my money either. However, if you compare its cost with how much basic healthcare costs nowadays, then the price of one massage chair instantly equals to paying for 100 chiropractic appointments. Also, these units are comparatively more helpful at curing your chronic body ailments.

So here I am to introduce you to the product that has made my life simpler: the Galaxy EC-555 Full Body Massage Chair.

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Galaxy EC 555 Massage Chair Reviews Jun 2024: Why buy this product?

galaxy ec 555 massage chair reviewsFirst thing’s first, the Galaxy brand has been reshaping the dynamics of conventional massage chairs with its breakthrough innovations for quite a few years now.

Also, this brand thrives on customer satisfaction. Its products offer a wide array of features at a very reasonable price, which has helped them establish their name in the market while maintaining a loyal customer base.

That being said, I’d like to share the main features which I find this product a complete value-for-money package.


For me, the first and the key reason to buy the EC-555 massage chair was convenience. This product has delivered to me some of the most satisfying therapeutic massages I’ve ever had in the comfort of my home.

So, I’ve been receiving professional-level massages and blood circulation therapies without having to go through the stress of booking multiple therapist appointments. What’s even more convenient is that enjoying these features is as simple as clicking a button, thanks to its efficient remote control feature.

Therapeutic Massage Techniques

This massage chair easily surpasses the capabilities of a personal therapist by a great deal with its versatile massage techniques. Simply put, the EC-555 Massage chair provides a diverse array of 6 massaging techniques such as kneading, tapping, rolling, dual-action, Swedish, and shiatsu style massage.

This way, this massage chair targets all of your body parts specifically to recover you from your burdening stress and relax your muscles. For someone like me who has been suffering from multiple chronic aches, this feature turned out to be very helpful.

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Additional features

Talking about extra features, this product is brilliantly engineered to support six automated massage programs, such as Health, Wake Up, Relax, Revitalization, Classic, and Relax modes. As a bonus, this unit also offers heat functionality therapy, which is fundamentally needed to maintain the circulation of blood throughout our body.

Also, the machine lets me choose any massage speed of my preference from its variable 7-speed control feature. This way, I get total control of deciding how I want the chair to deliver the therapeutic massage, which is quite satisfying.

Ergonomic design

Being a massage chair, it’s evident that ergonomic design is something that the Galaxy EC-555 must have.

Nevertheless, I couldn’t ask for a better user comfort experience from this unit. Its extended S-shaped design makes it very comforting to sit in, as it lets my sacral area relax properly.

I’m also quite satisfied with its Power Recliner that comes with a comfortable space to rest the feet. Altogether, the structure of this chair lets me relax completely from head to toe.

What could have been better?

Honestly, my experience of assembling this chair from scratch hasn’t been pleasant. I wish this product was as easy to assemble as it is to operate. Apart from that, this chair only supports a maximum weight limit of 220 lbs, which restricts slightly overweight people from using it.


  • Ergonomic S-styled design
  • Six auto program settings
  • Variable 7-speed control feature
  • Versatile massage techniques
  • Heat circulation therapy


  • Not quite easy to assemble
  • Maximum weight limit of 220 lbs


It’s true that a high-quality massage chair can cost you an arm and a leg, but if you ask me, ignoring your health issues can cost you your entire body, literally.

Frankly, I can’t deny that the Galaxy EC-555 massage chair is one of the smartest purchases I’ve made. Although it has its cons, it still manages to be the best personal massage therapist I’ve ever appointed. That being said, I surely recommend buying this product.

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