INADA Sogno Massage Chair Review 2021

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There’s no denying the fact that physical pain has become a part and parcel of the modern lifestyle, given the incredible work pressure.

And realistically speaking, visiting the spa ever so often is one luxury that not many can afford.

That being said, the invention of massage chairs changed the game for us! Not only did they play the part of the traditional masseur, but they truly brought all the benefits of the spa right into our homes.

However, not all models are the same when it comes to quality and performance, and the challenge lies in finding the one that will ideally cater to all your requirements.

So, after testing out a lot of such models to find the ones which truly deliver on their claims, I can now say that the Inada Sogno Massage Chair is truly a top-contender.

INADA Sogno Massage Chair, Dark Brown
1 Reviews
INADA Sogno Massage Chair, Dark Brown
  • The most comprehensive body coverage of any massage chair

Inada Massage Chair Review 2021: Why Buy This Product?

inada massage chair reviewThe Inada brand needs no introduction for those in the know. With decades of experience under their belt, along with the distinction of creating the first automatic shiatsu massage chair, this is a name that can be implicitly trusted.

I’ve been using the Sogno variant for the past three months, and I believe I have discovered enough of its salient features to deliver an honest opinion on why this product is a must-buy.

So here it goes.

Ergonomic Construction

One look at the Inada Sogno will tell anyone, even those who’ve never been in a massage chair before, that this product means business. The ergonomic design of the chair lets the user sit snugly, while the chair surrounds and delivers an authentic head-to-toe massage that ensures complete relaxation.

The now-legendary pod-like design of the Sogno blends the concepts of ancient eastern massage therapy with contemporary visual appeal. I was personally impressed by the intuitive rollers that use shiatsu point detection technology to match my body profile with the program I had chosen.

And the fact that actual shiatsu massage masters developed the choreographed movements of the chair ensures that the user gets a massage that’s truly effective.

Multiple Massage Courses

One of the things which I feel sets this chair apart from most other models is the availability of eight different massage courses that apply to various illnesses. Each program has a different purpose; for example, the stretch mode is therapeutic, while the morning mode is great for shaking off those early morning blues.

Being an interior designer, I have to spend innumerable hours in front of my computer, and cramps are a common problem I have to deal with. In such situations, a relaxing session in the Sogno works wonders for my tired limbs and muscles.

INADA Sogno Massage Chair, Dark Brown
1 Reviews
INADA Sogno Massage Chair, Dark Brown
  • The most comprehensive body coverage of any massage chair

Japanese Engineering

The Inada Sogno comes with the guarantee of Japanese engineering, and this means that it is built to last for a long time. Designed and manufactured in Japan, the Sogno is impeccable in terms of form as well as function. For me, at least, the dark brown exterior lends itself to a luxurious feeling that fits in well with any modern home.


Yes, I know buyers might flinch a bit at the rather steep price tag. But on closer thinking, you’ll find that with so many features and such usefulness, it’s a justifiable price. Also, in case the user is dissatisfied with the product, there’s a 30-day return policy with money-back guarantee.

What Could’ve Been Better?

There are one or two things that I would like to point out, which have bothered me a bit about this product. Regardless, they are pretty insignificant compared to the benefits that it delivers.

Firstly, the product weighs a massive 265 pounds. This makes it inconvenient to move around the house if required. Secondly, the warranty cover doesn’t extend outside of the US. So it’s inconvenient for those outside of the US who want to buy the product.

  • Elegant yet functional design
  • Patented body scanning technology
  • Multiple massage modes
  • Complete reclining function
  • A tad heavier than expected
  • No warranty outside the US


Inada has certainly outdone itself with the Sogno Massage Chair, and though the chair leaves something to be desired on the mobility front, it’s still a buy that is worth the money. It is, indeed, a must-have for avoiding those frequent visits to the chiropractor.

INADA Sogno Massage Chair, Dark Brown
1 Reviews
INADA Sogno Massage Chair, Dark Brown
  • The most comprehensive body coverage of any massage chair

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