SNAILAX Memory Foam Massage Mat Review

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Nowadays, most feature-rich chairs come within price ranges that hit you like a thundershock. The cost of relaxation and pain treatment is no more for the modest budgets it seems.

So, as I was looking for substitutes for this costly extravaganza, I came across the Snailax Massage Mat that’s lined with memory foam. And boy, was I impressed!

Its many vibration motors and heat therapy techniques got me completely thrilled, and at the same time, utterly relaxed. In fact, I got so excited that I can’t wait to talk about this extremely cost-effective therapeutic mat with all my readers!

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Snailax Review 2020: Why buy this product?

snailax massage mat reviewsI want to tell you one thing right off the bat here: the Memory Foam model is often confused with the Shiatsu massage mat that also comprises heat-therapy. These are two different products, and right now, I’m talking about the Memory Foam model.

I’m quite ecstatic about this mat, and here’s why.

Heat is at its core

How would it feel to lie down on the warm ground and get all your sore muscles and joints treated with gentle care? This is the very essence of the memory foam massage mat. It comes with a full-body heat therapy as well as a localized heating facility for the neck, upper and lower back, lumbar, thighs, and legs.

So overall, 6 heating pads deliver heat in any way you prefer. If you want, you can also switch on the neck or body-heat independently, as it takes a maximum of 4 minutes to heat each element. As it comes with an Overheat Protection Device, the mat automatically switches off when the temperature rises indiscriminately.

Who needs massage chairs when you have some great circulation boosters and muscle relaxers in a mat?

Vibration at its best

Well, the heat therapy wouldn’t have been complete without the 10 vibrating massage motors. All these motors are equally distributed throughout the mat giving you a host of options to choose from. There are 5 vibration modes, 4 selective massage zones, and 3 intensities that can relieve all your aching muscles in the least span of time.

Out of all the vibration features, I loved the localized vibration feature the most. The 4 selected areas are carefully chosen to provide you with maximum comfort. The upper and lower back, legs, and feet are the most sensitive areas of our body with the maximum number of pressure points.

As the motors also work on these points, their vibration leads to increased circulation and also initiates an acupuncture-like massage mode.

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Comfortable usage

snailax reviewI’m not talking about ease of use here, although that’s also another crucial checkpoint that I hit every time with Snailax Massage Mat. Whenever I have to lie down, or hit a gentle recline on the sofa, or sit on a chair to read a book, this mat keeps me covered. The mat folds itself perfectly in each position, and as I switch it on, my mind zooms into mindful concentration.

Try reading a book while sitting on it. It’d seem like you’re the fastest reader on the planet. So, whenever I’m outside, I miss sitting on this mat at home!

Memory Foam

It’d be an injustice not to talk about the underlying foam structure of this mat as there lies the core of its excellent functionality. The introduction of soft polyurethane memory foam starts taking away all the pressure from your back and eases all your stress.

Moreover, owing to its flexible texture, the mat folds very easily, and that’s so cool because I get to carry it wherever I go. So, practically, I can bring my therapist anywhere I want! Isn’t that great?

What could have been better?

I had to think really hard to find what’s missing in this mat, as my experience with it was so great. The only problem I face is that the mat feels small when I put it on a recliner. This isn’t much of a problem per se, a minor inconvenience at most, because the comfort that I get is unparalleled even on a recliner.

  • Double-layer memory foam
  • 5 vibration massage techniques
  • Usable in any position
  • Full body heat therapy
  • Localized heating available
  • Mat not large enough for recline


Snailax Massage Mat is one of the best home remedies for stress and anxiety. The best part about this mat is that it treats pain with heat, in which healing properties are endless. So, you aren’t taking home a mat, but a professional masseuse, without burning any hole in your pocket!

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