eSmart Zero Gravity Massage Chair Reviews 2021

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The work of a massage chair doesn’t merely end with providing relief.

Ideally, it should identify any pain in the body, work towards treating it and prevent it from recurring. Therefore, people love those massage chairs that are a perfect mix of therapy, fitness, and relaxation.

But most therapeutic chairs come with massage programs of high intensity and are usually pretty expensive, making it inaccessible to most. That’s why I chose to talk about the LC 3100 model from eSmart. I believe this model is one of those chairs which is a bridge between casual usage and acute pain treatment procedures.

In the following extensive review, I’m gonna tell you all about my experience using this eSmart massage chair!

10 Reviews
  • Single Button Zero Gravity Design

eSmart LC3100 Massage Chair Reviews 2021: Why should you buy this?

esmart massage chair reviewsThe LC 3100 is a brilliant combination that correctly balances therapy and relaxation by continually swapping between the two. As I proceed with the review, you’ll notice its technology is designed to perform this complex switching with ease. Yet, you definitely need to know how the chair scores after testing all its features for yourself.

Zero-gravity seating position with massage balls

The zero-gravity position is a common feature available in all medium and low-end massage chairs. It reclines and elevates your lower body to the position of your heart, taking away all the pressure from your back. It works wonders for your circulation and relieves your back muscles instantly.

Apart from relaxation, its intelligent massage balls designed for your back serve a great therapeutic function. This is a feature that’s absent in most medium-end massage chairs. The eight massage balls work like small rollers and provide a combination of Shiatsu and kneading style massage in both clockwise and anti-clockwise direction. It eases all the tight muscles around the spine and improves circulation, adding to the therapeutic value of the design.

Airbag Massage and Carbon Fiber Heating

Compression massage is a major part of a relaxing experience, and eSmart does quite a decent job with it. It comes equipped with 30 airbags that provide a balanced massaging experience right from head to toe.

There are 4 shoulder-airbags and 8 arm-airbags, while the remaining 18 focus on the calves and feet. You can also select a particular series of airbags targeting your aching areas for a more localized massage.

Furthermore, this compression massage is enhanced by the unique carbon fiber heating that works around the waist, which has an outstanding therapeutic value. Apart from releasing pressure from the lumbar region, this heating element combines with the airbags to regulate circulation and release excess fluids from the body.

10 Reviews
  • Single Button Zero Gravity Design

Massage modes and pre-programmed features

esmart zero gravity massage chair reviewsI have seen many massage chairs that come with over ten automated massage programs but still fail to hit the right points. The LC 3100 comes with only five manual massage modes and three computerized programs. The difference lies in the fact that eSmart plays with the various combinations of these five styles, giving your entire body a package of relief, relaxation, and therapy exactly where it needs.

Some of the combinations include back shiatsu and kneading, neck shiatsu and kneading, and rhythmic massage for the shoulders, arms, and legs. They don’t just stop at providing relief to the sore muscles but also ensure that the pain goes away for good.

Feet Rollers

This is a standard feature found in all medium-end chairs, and there’s nothing unique about it. But adding this feature to everything mentioned above acts as a perfect garnish to a wholesome massage experience.

The foot rollers in this model are great tools that exert gentle pressure on the soles, hit the exact pressure points to release the knots, and regulate circulation. The rollers of the LC 3100 work the same way, massaging the soles in a kneading style, and completing the massaging process with a bang!

What could have been better?

Everything would have been perfect with this massage chair had they focused a bit more on the automated massage functions. The feature comes with only three modes, Refresh, Relax, and Stretch, which are pretty basic ones. They could have included a combination of these modes as well as some other modes like a warm foot therapy or an acupoint mode.

  • Has carbon fiber heating
  • Strategically placed airbags
  • Over five combinations of massage modes
  • Foot rollers
  • Bluetooth connectivity
  • A limited number of massage modes


If you ask me, I’d definitely recommend going for eSmart LC3100 Massage Chair, keeping in mind all that it does within its modest price range. Also, you will get some unique features such as the eight massage balls in return for the more mainstream features like the massage modes. It seems like a reasonable tradeoff.

And that makes this model a must-buy for all who want a hint of therapy in your otherwise standard massage chairs, performing decent massages.

10 Reviews
  • Single Button Zero Gravity Design

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