Human Touch Chair Reviews 2020

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I was always skeptical about using massage chairs for relaxation and mindful concentration, and I had my reasons for that.

Three years back when I was trying to find the most cost-effective solution to reducing stress, I had tried out various massage chairs.

My experience was good, but I was constantly like, “This doesn’t do what a masseur does!” Masseurs always seem to know the exact aching points, which massage chairs tried so hard to copy but failed miserably. Then one day, at a friend’s place, I tried out a Human Touch Massage Chair, and boy was I impressed!

It turns out massage chairs have exponentially improved in the last couple of years, and with a host of features, they can replicate human hands quite perfectly today. Also, Human Touch has established itself as a pioneer in the field of relaxation and comfort.

In this review, I have listed some of the best Human Touch massage chairs that understand your body and redefine your relaxation experience.

Human Touch Massage Chair Review 2020

Human Touch WholeBody 7.1 Massage Chair

human touch chair reviewsThe Human Touch 7.1 Massage Chair tops my list of massage chairs for more than one reason. Other than being feature-rich within a modest budget, it also blends with your home decor seamlessly. But how does it fare with all its benefits and pitfalls? Let’s find out.

Why buy this product?

This massage chair takes body massage and relaxation to a whole new level, as its independent backrest and leg adjustment systems start working on your shoulders, back, and neck the moment you hit the start button. Also, its dual-motor system lets you customize the chair in an infinite number of positions such as reclining your back all the way, and legs further up or a simple straight position – whatever you’re most comfortable with!

This chair also has warm air technology that’s great to sit on after a long day at work. Apart from providing warmth to those who want it, it also boosts blood circulation, relieving all the sore muscles.

The feature that I love the most is the Flexiguide Orbital Massage technology. The 3D orbital system gives away the feeling of a deep penetration massage with hot oil. It also saves you from the pinching or friction on the skin that can come even from a professional masseur.

Finally, the patented Figure-Eight Technology massages your calves in an upward, wavy motion that also contributes to better blood circulation. Most massage chairs clamp the ankle, locking it in an awkward position, thus restricting the blood flow, but that’s not the case with this model.

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What could have been better?

Well, despite being a great massage chair, it lacks two essential features: airbags and 3D body scanning technology.

The absence of airbags made me miss the compression massage, which I love having after a long day at work. Coming to the absence of 3D body scanning technology, it realigns the chair by locating the pressure points of your body. Its lack isn’t a dealbreaker, as it’s compensated by the infinite number of positions that you can manually set.

  • Increases blood circulation perfectly
  • Five auto-massage programs
  • 3D orbital massage soothes calf muscles
  • Rotates up to 55 degrees
  • Can be used as gaming chairs
  • Doesn’t have airbags
  • Doesn’t support 3D body scanning technology

Human Touch Novo XT2 Review

novo xt2 massage chair reviewsThe Human Touch Novo XT2 is an upgrade over its older models Novo XT and Novo, which are great massage chairs in their ways. Its zero-gravity seating and 3D Quad Rollers facilitate maximum rejuvenation in the least span of time, making it one of the best products from Human Touch.

Why buy this product?

Two things that I’d like to tell you right off the bat here: it’s one of the largest models of the industry, so tall people have a good reason to rejoice! Unlike the 7.1 model, this chair can accommodate people of heights over 6 feet.

This brings me to my next point: despite being large, it requires only two-feet clearance from the wall, allowing you to squeeze it into smaller rooms as well.

Moving to its features, one of the best things this chair can do is put you into a very relaxing zero-gravity position. It’s a fantastic feature that takes away all the pressure off of your lower back and regulates the blood flow back to your heart. The result is an immediate relaxation of your painful joints, as well as a slow release of the muscle knots.

Furthermore, Novo XT2 incorporates an L & S-track massage system. It’s an advanced 3D system that starts massaging from your neck and goes all the way down to your thighs, and with five different intensity settings, you can adjust it according to the sensitivity of each of your body parts. Smooth, isn’t it? In case you didn’t know, the L-track supports your body weight from the neck to the glutes, and the S-track provides extended coverage to your spine.

Finally, Novo includes some fun features too, like Bluetooth capability, built-in speakers, and 34 separate controls that allow you to massage isolated body parts the way you want. A win-win for all!

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What could have been better?

Despite being a top-class massager, it would have been great if there was an automated body scan technology supporting the L and S-track massage systems. Instead, it gives you nine different presets to choose from in which you can fine-tune further. It’s okay to say the least, but nothing beats automatic body scan technology in my opinion.

  • Takes pressure away and regulates blood flow
  • Can massage each body part separately
  • Reclines according to the spine
  • Has built-in speakers
  • Supports Swedish, Thai, and Shiatsu massage
  • Can’t adjust the temperature of lumbar heat

iJoy Foot And Calf Massager Reviews

human touch ijoy foot and calf massager reviewsNothing relaxes a pair of sore feet like a dedicated foot massager. While the two massage chairs I discussed before this will surely soothe your aching body, iJoy foot and calf massager will essentially add a perfect garnish to your experience. But is this foot massager worth its price? Let’s find out.

Why buy this product?

Whenever I have back to back client meetings as well as tremendous on-site workload, I turn to this foot massager for instant relief of my calves and feet. Its patented Figure-Eight technology takes the pain away completely, as its upward wavy motion increase circulation. Added to that is the air compression massage that further facilitates the circulation process.

The Figure-Eight technology and air compression take care of the calves and feet, while the built-in underfoot rollers take care of your tired soles.

They do this by generating acupuncture underneath the feet that isn’t just a gentle massage on the sensitive pressure points, but also strong reflexology of the soles and heels. Reflexology is a modern treatment method based on a theory that certain pressure points in the body are connected to various organs. Reflexologists hit these points and send blood running through all the pathways, improving your overall health apart from relaxing your body.

A versatile feature that I absolutely love is the five different massage levels: gentle, relaxing, moderate, vigorous, and intense. Depending on the extent of my fatigue, I switch the levels, and its characteristic Shiatsu massage style changes its intensity accordingly. It almost feels like there’s a pain sensor inside!

Finally, coming in a sleek design, the massager blends seamlessly with your home decor and is extremely portable as it also comes with easy-carry handles.

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What could have been better?

Well, despite its fantastic performance, this model lacks two essential elements. One, there is no support for the back of the calves, and that’s a bugger. And two, it’s not suitable for feet larger than that of size eight shoes.

I wish Human Touch made a foot massager for longer feet, which also takes care of the entire calf area, and not just the front.

  • Its patented Cirqlation Technology provides instant relief
  • Very portable
  • A sleek design
  • Has five different levels to choose from
  • No contact for behind of the calves
  • Unsuitable for big feet (more than size eight shoes)

Human Touch Perfect Chair Review

human touch zero gravity chair reviewsThe Perfect Chair PC-420 from Human Touch is truly exceptional in terms of quality, looks, and comfort. It comes in different colors that complement your home decor and a host of features that evenly distribute your weight and help you relax after a long day at work.

Why buy this product?

First of all, the neck pillow provides full support to the back of your neck, and it’s easily adjustable to suit people of different proportions. It’s also attached to an articulating headrest which you can recline and give the neck pillow even more room to sprawl. One final point about the pillow is that there are perforations on its rear which let the air escape and provide instant comfort to your head.

One of the features which I liked the most is the neutral posture positioning of the chair. This feature reduces blood pressure by distributing your weight evenly throughout the chair. This seating arrangement is further complemented by a recliner lever and long extending armrests. The broad armrests go at least six inches further in the back, allowing you to sit in a healthy, zero-pressure position by extending support to your forearms and elbows.

They also prove beneficial while you recline in the zero-gravity position. Like the Novo XT2, this chair takes away all the pressure from your back and pumps the blood back to your heart. The perfect ergonomic position of neutral posture combines with the armrests to get rid of your pain while you relax.

Apart from that, you also have an adjustable lumbar cushion that you can fill up or empty with the button on the pad set. All in all, it really is a wonderful product, and one that I have no trouble recommending.

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What could have been better?

Well, I must give it to them: They’ve made a perfect chair fusing traditional craftsmanship and modern design. However, I’d have really preferred to have a sinking and raising lever and not just a reclining lever at the side. That would have really made it perfect! Other than this, I have no other complaints regarding the product.

  • Flexible recliner lever
  • Zero-gravity seating
  • Premium quality leather
  • Great looks
  • Extremely durable
  • Only reclines but doesn’t raise or sink

Super Novo Massage Chair Review

novo massage chair reviewIf smartphones can exist, why not smart massage chairs too? A massage chair that comes with over 38 different fitness programs sounds almost like hiring a personal therapist at home. The only difference is, in this case, the Human Touch Super Novo replaces an actual human and does a great job at that.

Why buy this product?

Continuing from the enticing claim that I made before, let me introduce you to your virtual therapist. The Super Novo Massage Chair completely redefines the massaging experience as they have added a unique user experience technology that’s literally called Virtual Therapist.

It integrates Alexa and personalizes your massage experience by asking you a few questions about your preferences and physical requirements. Once that’s done, all you gotta say is, “Alexa, tell Novo to give me a massage!” and you’re good to go.

Apart from being a smart massage chair, it also features 3D and 4D massage programs. Today, all advanced massage chairs come with 3D programs that massage horizontally, vertically, and even adding depth to it. The advanced 4D program adds variable speed to the equation, giving you the comforting experience that comes with hiring a professional masseur.

Furthermore, the 38 wellness programs that I mentioned before include deep tissue massage, full-body immersion, and a whole lot of programs dedicated to mindful concentration, recovery, and relaxation.

Other than the smart features, it includes almost all the advanced features of high-end models, such as adjustable lumbar heat technology, S and L-tracking technology, underfoot rollers and adjustable leg rest for long feet.

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What could have been better?

It would be wrong to complain about the space this machine takes, considering the features it comes with. But those who have a space crunch may need to think twice about buying this chair as it takes up a whole lot of space. Other than this, this product gave me no chance to complain!

  • 4D massage technology
  • Personal Therapist program
  • Includes zero-gravity
  • Advanced full-body stretch functionality
  • Advanced fingertip controls
  • Very spacious

Final words

Human Touch is one of the most revered companies in the world of massage chairs. They have redefined the concept of massaging and made them aesthetically appealing to suit your home decor as well.

In the ten years of my career as an interior designer, rarely have I come across massage chairs that fit any home this beautifully. I hope I helped you to come to a conclusive decision with this review.

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