BestMassage Zero Gravity Massage Chair Reviews 2020

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Worrying is a normal part of our lives, just like eating. It basically gets things done by pushing us to walk that extra mile and preventing us from being lazy.

It’s only when stress and worrying get the better part of our imagination, that they start affecting us adversely. Curing stress is a whole lot of hard work, and that’s a complete bugger!

So, if you’re a bit on the lazier side like I am, but still want to shove that extra stress out of your life, then I guess what you’re looking for is a massage chair. It’s the perfect mix of relaxation, mindful concentration, and bursting unnecessary stress, all within the cozy confines of your home.

But searching for a massage chair that’s not very costly, fits most spaces, and also comes with great features isn’t easy. And if this is the combo you’re looking for, I suggest the massage chairs from BestMassage. They’re a lot more than what meets the eye.

BestMassage EC77 Massage Chair Reviews 2020: Why buy this product?

bestmassage ec77 massage chair reviewsThere’re a whole lot of factors that you should consider if you’re looking to derive a wholesome massage experience out of a product such as this one. This is so because it rarely works when you expect a lot out of just one feature.

After reviewing so many chairs over the years, I’ve seen very few that actually score well in all the aspects. And this is how I think the EC77 Shiatsu Massage Chair fares if we look deep into the details.

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Functional Diversity

I always prefer massage chairs that come with a lot of practical features and preset programs. They significantly increase the versatility of the chair, as you get to adjust its settings to suit your body’s requirements. The Shiatsu Massage Chair comprises three auto-massage programs that individually focus on specific groups of muscles, relaxing your entire body within a few minutes.

Moreover, the special stretching programs include full-body stretching, leg stretching, and isolated lumbar stretching that efficiently release all the muscle knots. And if that wasn’t enough, you can further control the intensity of the massage and stretching programs by changing the power-speed and airbag pressure.

The three massage modes Stretch, Relax, and Refresh are further complemented by the adjustable leg rests and rollers.

Zero-gravity seating

All the functional presets are further enhanced by the NASA-inspired 2-stage zero-gravity seating position. And no, zero-gravity doesn’t mean no gravity at all! It’s a seating posture that elevates your feet higher than the upper body, releasing all the pressure from your back.

Furthermore, your heart has to work a lot less in this position, making it a perfect system that helps you unwind after a long day. As it supports all the fourteen massage points across your entire spinal area right from the neck to the lumbar region, it also boosts circulation.

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Heat therapy and air massage system

One of the reasons I love EC77 from BestMassage is its heat therapy mechanism. It involves applying gentle heat to certain areas of the body and releasing all the aching muscles and joints by activating their nerve ends. It does so with 35 airbags that are placed strategically to give you the most comfort in the least span of time.

Furthermore, fitness experts and chiropractors claim that the five main areas that go through the most amount of wear-and-tear every day are the upper arms, shoulders, thighs, hips, calves, and feet. The combination of heat and airbags on these specific areas of the body makes way for a perfect compression massage, benefitting your lumbar region the most.

Space-saving design

The best part of owning this Shiatsu massage chair is its minimal space usage. Its compact design requires only a 10-inch space from the wall, allowing you to fit it into smaller rooms as well.

But does that mean they make drab-looking chairs? Of course not! BestMassage never goes light on the looks of their products.

Aesthetically speaking, it’s a very flexible design whose looks can complement any space, be it your living room, balcony or office. And if you want to have the ultimate relaxing experience, you might as well put it in your home theater room.

What could have been better?

Well, despite being such a great model, I believe the inclusion of certain features such as the L-track or S-track massage systems would’ve made my massaging experience so much better. These systems enhance the relaxation process by making horizontal and vertical movements across the sensitive points in and around the spine.

Furthermore, the design isn’t flexible with different body proportions. If you’re well-built, this chair may feel too cramped for you. On the other hand, if you’re shorter, it wouldn’t be very easy for you to get a foot massage, as it might be difficult for you to reach the rollers while being seated. So, that’s kind of a deal-breaker for some.

  • Acupoint technology
  • Space-saving design
  • Affordable
  • Many massage settings
  • Extendable leg rest for tall people
  • Heavy
  • No L-track and S-track massage

NFL Zero Gravity Massage Chair Reviews 2020: Why Buy This Product?

nfl zero gravity massage chair reviewsIt’s only very rarely that a product which does what it says comes along, and the NFL Zero Gravity Massage Chair delivers on its promises. With the perfect blend of form and function, this chair can replace visits to the spa any day.

But why am I so excited about this product? Well, after reading this review, you will be too!

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Widest Coverage Area

I have tried multiple massage chairs in the past, and nothing comes close to this beauty in terms of sheer body coverage. The chair provides an increased area coverage of sixty percent on all sides. This means that you get a well-rounded massage experience from head to toe.

Another problem that I have personally faced with other massage chairs is this: most of them don’t adjust well to different body frames. In fact, I’ve often had to squeeze in uncomfortably to be able to get a massage.

But the NFL Zero Gravity Massage Chair uses an OPTO sensor that automatically detects and adjusts according to your shoulder position, which essentially means that the chair adjusts to your body!

Shiatsu Massage Experience

Joint and muscle pain are our lifestyle companions. As a modern-day professional, believe me when I tell you that I am no stranger to them. But once I get into this chair, the experience is truly amazing. The zero-gravity feature makes you feel as if you are floating on a cushion of air.

And the best part is the ancient Shiatsu massage technique that has been incorporated in this chair. This Japanese massage form is one of the most effective there is. Multiple intelligent massage programs have been included in it to simulate human-delivered massage techniques. The entire experience is so fluid, you’ll never miss your real-life masseur.

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Roller Massage With Waist Heater

One of the defining features of the NFL Zero Gravity Massage Chair is the roller massage for the feet. This has been a literal lifesaver for me and has helped me get better sleep at night. It also improves blood circulation and boosts immunity, so that’s many birds taken care of in one straightforward stone.

As an interior designer, I have to spend hours sitting in front of a computer, which naturally gives me a sore back and stiff waist. Thankfully, the waist heater feature of this chair allows me to relax after a hard day’s work, and believe me, that is more than what a girl can wish for.

What Could’ve Been Better?

The above being said, there is one thing that I found a bit jarring about this otherwise wonderful product. Honestly, it’s a minor problem, but the all-black theme makes the chair a bit uninteresting. I personally feel a dash of color would have jazzed it up a bit. Though that might be the designer in me speaking, so don’t let that distract you from buying this beauty.

  • L-shaped design that fits any body shape
  • Multi-roller back massage mechanism
  • Fits people of any height snugly
  • Air pressure massage for that extra level of relaxation
  • All-black color combo makes things a little dull

BestMassage BM EC06C Review 2020: Why go for this massage chair?

Helps to treat lower back problems

bestmassage bm ec06c reviewMy job requires me to travel all over town, visiting clients in their homes and supply markets. So, I would often come back home with swollen feet and back pain, all worn out and tired.

And this is where I find the zero gravity feature of BM EC06C to be absolutely amazing. It helps me to relieve my back pain by elevating my feet to the same level as my heart and minimizing the strain that gravity puts on my spine.

This, along with the 14 massage points, works in unison to relieve the tension from the back muscles and helps me relax at the end of a stressful day.

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Significantly improves blood circulation

A few months ago, I was at a high risk of having serious heart conditions. Stress from work often led me to have a very unhealthy lifestyle where I binged on junk food almost every day. I have made a transition to a healthier living ever since, and this recliner from BestMassage was instrumental in improving my poor blood circulation.

The BestMassage has an air massage system which is also capable of providing heat therapy. 32 bags are strategically placed all over the chair which includes arms, hips, shoulders, thighs, and even the calves.

The airbags inflate to provide a compression massage system that helps worn-out muscles to recover faster by boosting blood circulation and freeing up the tensed joints. The bags are capable of aligning the lower back as well and frees up the tension around the pelvis.

Offers a variety of massage therapy

best massage eco6cAirbag compression therapy is not the only thing that the BM EC06C provides its users. It is designed with 3 preset auto massage programs that offer different massage methods so as to cater to a variety of user needs and demands.

This makes the device just perfect for the entire family. If you have elderly users at home, then I am sure that they’re just going to love the special stretching programs that the BestMassage houses. In fact, the different stretching exercises can significantly help those with serious lower back problems like spondylosis.

It also offers a lot of customizable options for users so that they can adjust the chair to their liking and get a lot of different types of massages. The chair lets me choose the power, speed as well as the airbag pressure and control my own massage every time I sit on it.

I like to bring in a lot of variety to my massage sessions. On days when I am feeling a bit too stressed, I just crank up the speed, and on normal days I tone it down and relax, leaving my worries behind.

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What could have been better?

What kind of bums me out about the BestMassage is the lack of portability. After assembly, the chair gets incredibly heavy to move around the house. So if I ever wanted to move the chair across the room, it takes a great deal of strength to even nudge it an inch, and I find that to be rather inconvenient.

  • Multiple stretching exercises help people with lower back issues
  • Unique airbag design offers heat therapy all throughout the body
  • Vastly improves blood circulation and relieves stress from tensed muscles
  • Design is way too heavy, and it’s incredibly hard to move it


If you’re in the market for some of the best home massages money can buy, then BestMassage is going to be able to fit your needs perfectly. Not only can their massage chairs help you with a lot of physiological problems, but their sleek and sophisticated design can improve the aesthetic appeal of any living space as well.

Can’t make up your mind yet? Read our buying guide for massage chairs before you proceed with your purchase.

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