Spa Dynamix Vitala Massage Chair Review Jun 2024

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In the world of fancy gimmicks and exaggerated claims, truth and keeping promises always come like a breath of fresh air.

And this is so accurate for lifestyle products as well. Today, it feels like it’s all about whose ads look the most appealing.

Even the massage chair industry isn’t far behind in catching up with this extreme trend. That’s why I love the products of Spa Dynamix. They tend to include not too many features in their models, but the ones they do never fail to leave a mark.

So today, I’m going to talk about the Vitala Massage Chair from Spa Dynamix.

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Spa Dynamix Massage Chair Reviews Jun 2024: Why buy this product?

spa dynamix massage chair reviewsI love Spa Dynamix massage chairs because they never fail to live up to their words. They have a large variety of models and manage to pack great features and optimal performance in all price ranges. The Vitala Massage Chair is one of their prestigious models because of some great features that make way for the perfect relaxation therapy at home.

Let’s see whether this model is worth the price it comes at considering all its features.

Zero-gravity functionality

I prefer to start with the feature that sits at the very core of this chair. As you might have already known, zero-gravity functionality is an industry-trend now, and Spa Dynamix includes this NASA-inspired technology to provide a combination of relief and therapy.

For those who aren’t aware, the zero-gravity seating is an astronaut-like stance that works wonders on your body, especially on your back. It’s an ergonomic position that completely relieves your body of all pressure starting from your back, as your legs rise to the position of your upper body. It boosts circulation and hits the pressure points to give relief to all your sore muscles.

The recline of the chair has 3 stages that gradually tilt your body into a state of perfect weightlessness, which is the ideal relaxing posture.

S-track massage system

The zero-gravity seating is further enhanced by the S-track massage system to make the reclining position perfect. The tracking rollers follow the natural curvature of your spine, and as they move along, they stretch all the tight muscles and loosen up their knots.

Moreover, these advanced rollers adjust themselves to your posture, which is absolutely amazing! I felt like the chair understands every inch of my body the moment I sit in it, and there are very few massage chairs which I can say this.

This system merges with the weightlessness of the zero-gravity seating and works wonders on all your aching muscles, especially in the lower spinal region.

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Air Massage System & Heated Massage Rollers

Compression massage is one of the best massage techniques that, apart from relaxing, also dishes out some great therapeutic benefits. The modern air massage technology of Vitala Massage Chair caters to your shoulders, legs, arms, and feet with its gentle squeezing that releases all the strained joints.

Coupled with this, the heated massage rollers pay extensive care to the lumbar region, the place where most of the pain lies. As the airbags are double-layered, they cover a lot of surface area during the compression massage, which leads to a more comprehensive massage experience.

Ease of use and convenience

This is another reason why I love Spa Dynamix chairs so much. Sitting in it, I can always find my perfect relaxing posture and let the chair do the rest. What adds to my comfort is an easy-to-use LCD remote that details all the nitty-gritty of my currently chosen settings.

What could have been better?

Well, despite being a good massage chair, it certainly has a lot of room for improvement. First things first, its high price range upset me because, considering the cost, they could have included a whole lot of other features.

I also missed the combination of L and S-track massage systems, which leads to even more efficient identification of the pressure points both horizontally and vertically. This chair does only the horizontal bit, which is good but not that great.


  • Very easy to use
  • Easy to install
  • S-track massage system
  • Heat therapy


  • Price
  • No L-track massage system


Well, it isn’t really a tough decision to make when Spa Dynamix is your chosen brand. Their excellent customer service is a bonus as they never fail to cater to all your needs, whenever you want. If you can live without the combination of L/S massage system and quad-rollers, I’d suggest you to definitely go for this beast.

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