Best Infinity Massage Chair 2020

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The modern-day massage chairs are amazing when it comes to relieving stress from tense and worn out muscles.

They help to improve the blood circulation and can aid those who have back conditions and inflamed joints in the lower limbs.

As an interior designer, I visit a lot of homes and have seen many families having one of these in the living room. Massage chairs have grown to be quite popular as of late, and it seems that I have taken quite a liking to them as well, so much so that I am willing to write a review on it!

The models I will be talking about today are from the reputed company, Infinity. They’re a highly renowned massage chair brand, and I have handpicked three of their models, which are some of my personal favorites.

And I am confident that one among them will be exactly what you’re looking for.

Infinity Massage Chair Reviews 2020

Infinity IT-8500 X3

infinity massage chair reviewsThe upgraded and more advanced version of the IT-8500 was designed by Infinity to target a much wider audience. It comes with a lot more features than its base model and provides benefits that can rival even the most high-end of massage chairs.

My Experience

Out of the three Infinity massage chairs listed today, the IT-8500 X3 is the more budget-friendly option. It’s the one that my brother Jerry has been using in his living room for some time now, and I heard him singing its praises almost on a daily basis.

What he loves the most about the chair is the improved spinal correction feature. Long hours on the office chair would always leave him with a sore lower back, and the IT-8500 X3’s unique correction feature would help him out by automatically stretching and twisting the body to ease the pressure off the spinal cord and discs.

The chair even comes with an amazing spot massage feature, which Jerry’s wife, Nancy, is particularly fond of. This feature allows the chair to target and soothe muscles in a specific area of the back and unknot the built-up tension zones and significantly reduce stress.

The full-body airbags that the chair is designed with works a lot like those blood circulation devices for feet that you see on infomercials.

The bags help to improve blood regulation through the vessels and, along with the foot rollers, stimulates the lymphatic flow. The rollers also do a nice job in treating joint inflammations and try to soothe out leg pain rather well.

For a thorough body massage, the chair is equipped with 2 zero gravity positions, which I have seen Jerry using it periodically. He told me that this chair has provided him with some of the best stress-busting experiences he has had in years.

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What could have been better?

There are particularly two things that really bum Jerry about the IT-8500 X3, and they are the timer and the calf heating. The massage timer hardly has any adjustments on it, so each massage is more or less of the same duration.

On the other hand, there really is no calf heating to speak of. While it may not be a problem to many, but it does tend to trouble Jerry during the colder months.

  • Budget-friendly massage is accessible to a wider customer base
  • A much more improved version of the previous IT-8500 model
  • Spinal correction feature works amazingly well to relieve stress from the lower back
  • Zero gravity positions help to give a thorough body massage
  • The massage timer hardly has many adjustments
  • There is no calf heating


If you’re in the market for a budget-friendly massage chair that can help you out with your stress levels as well as blood circulation, then the IT-8500 X3 from Infinity is going to be a perfect choice. Try it out!

Infinity Evolution Massage Chair Reviews

infinity evolution massage chair reviewsThe Evolution Massage Chair from Infinity comes with chock full of features, so it’s not all that surprising why an expensive price tag is slapped onto its back. Jerry and I had gifted this to our parents last Christmas, and they just loved it from the first massage.

Dad’s back was acting up again, while mom was having severe knee and ankle joint issues because of her poor blood circulation. We killed two birds with one stone when we decided to go for the Infinity Evolution.

My Experience

Well, I will be speaking more about my parent’s experiences with the chair than mine really.

My father started having a serious lumbar condition after a woodworking accident. He developed spondylosis, and his spine had slowly started to lose its normal posture and curvature.

My mum, on the other hand, suffers from type-2 diabetes, and it often leads to swollen joints and calf muscle pain due to her poor blood circulation.

The Evolution helps both of them out quite effectively in different ways. For dad, the 49” L-track is the best feature of the chair. This track extends from the neck to the glutens and the thighs and is capable of giving a very thorough massage.

It provides a very detailed spa-quality massage experience, which helps out significantly with his spinal issues.

Mom, on the other hand, is in love with the foot and calf rollers that combine with the airbags to reduce accumulated stress from the lower limbs. The pair oscillate together to massage the targeted spots on the legs and improve blood circulation, which then goes on to reduce calf pain and joint swellings.

The shoulder bags are highly adjustable as well and allow for a lot of customizable sessions for the user.

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What could have been better?

Much like with the IT-8500 X3, the heating of the Infinity Evolution is limited to the lumbar region alone. There is no heating available for the calf area, which can be problematic during winters, especially for the more elderly users.

  • Provides a very detailed spa-like massage experience throughout the body
  • Rollers and airbag work wonders on improving blood circulation
  • Adjustable shoulder pad feature allows for customizable user settings
  • The heating is limited to the lower back


Though an expensive massage chair option, the Infinity Evolution does seem to come with a lot of beneficial features. It’s very user-friendly and can be the ideal gift for someone who isn’t too tech savvy but does need a lot of stress relief.

Infinity Genesis Massage Chair Reviews

infinity genesis massage chair reviewsThe Genesis is a beast when it comes to beating the stress and tension out of your body. Being an interior designer means that I have to travel a lot; visiting clients in their homes, scouring the area, and coming up with new ideas takes a lot of work!

So, I would be pretty stressed and beat by the end of the day. When I finally decided to go for a 3D massage chair, the Genesis is what I chose, and I love every minute I spend on it.

My Experience

The Genesis is a top of the line massage chair that comes with all the latest features that you can think of. It helped me out tremendously with leading a healthier life, and I feel more energetic and fresher now than I did for a very long time.

The workload and the stress often pushed me to binge on fast food, which ultimately resulted in me gaining a lot of weight and experiencing poor blood circulation. I was at risk of having serious heart conditions until I decided to change my lifestyle.

I can’t begin to explain how instrumental the Genesis was during the early phases of my weight loss routine. Thankfully, the advanced airbag design helped to improve the blood flow and circulation in my body. Not only did it get rid of my tiredness, but it also restored my damaged tissues by working on specific muscle groups.

It even comes with a rocking technology which I absolutely love; it improves the overall experience of the massage and helps me unwind at the end of each stressful day.

The 3D rollers on top of that help me adjust the depth and allow for a more thorough massage, which one typically gets in a spa. But here, you will get it in the comfort of your own home.

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What could have been better?

What disappoints me a bit about the Genesis is the lack of any sort of stretching program. Stretching features can really help out users who suffer from lower back issues, so if you want a chair with the stretch feature, it’s better to invest in a different Infinity model.

  • Comes with the latest scientific features to provide the best massage experience
  • 3D rollers come with a depth adjust feature to allow for a more thorough massage
  • Unique airbag design is perfect for improving blood circulation
  • Doesn’t come with a stretch program


Not many people want to compromise when it comes to their massage experience at home. And if you’re one of them, then the Infinity Genesis is the perfect model to go for. It has everything that a massage chair can hope to have and I’m sure you’ll enjoy using it for a long time to come.

Final Thoughts

So, that was all I had to say about Infinity Chairs. Even though none of these products is perfect, each is unique and worth buying in their own way. Check out what features you’d like the most and take your pick.

There’s hardly a way you can go wrong when you go with Infinity.

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