Daiwa Massage Chair Reviews 2020

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Most massage chairs would relieve you of your pain, but would fail to make it go away for good!

That’s why when someone asks me to suggest a chair that serves their therapeutic needs, I always go for the ones from Daiwa. Don’t get me wrong, as not all Daiwa products are great, despite having made a name of its own in the massage chair industry.

The Daiwa Legacy comes with some great features that will not just relax your body, but also reach to the core of what seems to be the problem and cure it with its excellent therapeutic features. Yet, it has its limitations, and before going for the chair, you should definitely know all its pitfalls.

Today I’m going to talk about the Daiwa Legacy Massager and Lounger that comes in three beautiful shades of brown, black, and red.

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Daiwa Chair Reviews 2020: Why buy this product?

daiwa massage chair 9150 reviewIf you’re a sufferer of chronic back pain and want to focus more on therapeutic benefits than pure relaxation, the Daiwa Legacy massage chair might serve all your needs. But it also has its limitations and catches that you should be aware of. We’ll also see how the benefits weigh against the product’s shortcomings.

Hybrid L/S track design

The L/S track design is the feature that influences all the other attributes around it, making it the heart of the massage chair. The quad-rollers undergo horizontal and vertical movements in and around the spinal area, hitting the pressure points from the back of your neck right to the thighs.

Although most medium-end models come with this feature, the Daiwa massage chair comes with a punch of uniqueness. Its rollers cover a massive 49 inches of area starting from the neck to the hamstring, while the typical chairs travel to a maximum of 32 inches, ending at the thighs. Daiwa does a great job with this extended track area.

Spot and Partial Massage Modes

This is one of the features that tremendously add to the therapeutic value of the model. Its uniqueness lies in the fact that it can pause any massage program and turn the rollers to work on the more strained muscles. After it’s done relieving the specific aching areas, you can continue with the rest of the massage program.

The spot massage mode focuses on an area of about 6 inches in and around the body part you choose. The partial mode works the same way, but it’s designed to work on your back, covering approximately one-third of it.

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Rocking rotation technology

Another great feature of therapeutic value is its rocking rotation technology. While many people like me absolutely love it, some don’t benefit from it. However, it gave me a nice, soothing experience and took all the pressure away from my back.

With the zero-gravity positioning, the seat reclines and undergoes a rocking motion, giving off the feeling of sitting in a rocking chair. The seating arrangement distributes the body weight equally, and the rocking motion helps improve circulation as well as loosening the muscles below the lumbar region.

Deep Tissue Massage and Body Stretching

What I like about Daiwa Legacy Massager Lounger is its extreme focus on intense therapy of every other body part. This is why the deep tissue massage and body-stretching mechanisms rock together!

One important point to note is that the deep tissue massage isn’t for casual users since it’s incredibly strong and has only one intensity setting. And if you want an even more intense massage, there are removable paddings for extra comfort and added intensity.

The body stretch mechanism combines with deep tissue massage to complete the therapy cycle. This is pretty intense as well, and I’d advise you to go for a warm-up before starting with the stretching. Once you’re in for it, it works like a chiropractic adjustment, providing instant relief to all the discs of your spine.

I focused mostly on the features which add to the therapeutic value of the chair. Other than these, the 3D Body Scan Technology, air massage mode and zero-gravity seating all add to the versatility of the product.

What could have been better?

Well, one thing that I found pretty basic about this model is its different adjustment modes and a limited number of pre-programmed options. The massage styles include kneading, knocking, tapping, Shiatsu, and music sync, which are available in almost all low-end models as well. They could’ve included all the other massage styles to make this model a dual combination of relaxation and therapy.

  • Solid design
  • Full-track heat for therapeutic purposes
  • Ultra-strong body stretch mechanism
  • Intense deep tissue massage
  • Special rocking motion
  • Very basic adjustment features
  • Not many pre-programmed massage options


I, for one, absolutely love this Daiwa massage chair simply because it delivers what it claims. The therapeutic massage works perfectly, and people with chronic back pain will be delighted to find a model that’s made keeping them in mind. Provided you can do away with the limitations, this is a massage chair of great potential.

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