Cozzia Massage Chair Reviews 2020

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Very few massage chairs can maintain that delicate balance of features for comfort and for therapy, while also being a bang for the buck.

Functions for treating chronic pain are central to the basic design of massage chairs that have a therapeutic value. Therefore, most manufacturers often focus on pain treatment procedures more than comfort. Fortunately, Cozzia 16027 is an exception among them.

This massage chair is designed for the casual user, while it also includes loads of therapeutic features in the form of automated massages. Yet, the product lacks in certain aspects, and you need to have a detailed review on it to know all its benefits and pitfalls.

That’s why I am writing an in-depth review of the Cozzia 16027 today. Let’s see how it fares, considering all its features.

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Cozzia Reviews 2020: Why buy this product?

cozzia qi se reviewCozzia is best known for packing a whole lot of exciting features within a modest price range, but its features are only as useful as their practicality. I mean, a feature-rich massage chair can still fall short if all its attributes fail to work together for providing a unique, relaxing experience. So, let’s see how the rundown of this Cozzia model goes.

S-track technology

This feature puts the 16027 model on solid ground and at par with the modern massage chairs. Today, most of them come with the S-track technology or a hybrid L/S technology that makes the quad-rollers follow the curve of your spine. The rollers hit the specific points of your back and carefully mimic the hands of a professional masseur.

This isn’t a standout feature of the product, but its presence definitely makes your experience all the more pleasing.

3D Body Scan

It’s the combination of the S-track technology and a 3D Body Scan that replicates the feeling of a professional masseur massaging your aching muscles. Let’s face it, even the best massage chair is of no good if the rollers don’t hit exactly where you need them to. This is why I like the 3D body scan technology of this chair.

Once you sit in it, the system scans your entire body and adjusts its rollers, suiting your shape and posture. This ensures all the rollers hit your pressure points accurately and not anywhere around them, leading to a more satisfying massage experience.

But what’s so unique about this technology, as every other massage chair has it nowadays? Well, Cozzia takes its 3D Body Scan to a new level with its adjustment buttons on the remote. More often than not, the body scan system fails to recognize your pressure points correctly. Thus, for controlling the width of the massage field and more precise positioning, this remote comes of great use.

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A Vast Range of Options

cozzia qi se massage chair reviewsOne of the unique features of the Cozzia 16027 model is the number of options it gives in different respects. And the best part is, rather than working in isolation, all the different options combine to provide you with a lasting therapeutic massage. I’ll discuss them all, one by one.

I will start with the different massage styles, which include kneading, rolling, kneading and clapping, vibration, Swedish, and the Shiatsu massage style. While most of these massage options can be found in other models as well, the vibration style is rare. It involves a seat vibration massage style that wraps your thighs and glutes and improves circulation below the torso.

Moreover, all these styles are further assisted by four pre-programmed massage styles. And if that wasn’t enough, there are some localized massage options around your neck, shoulders, lumbar region, and the lower body and five different intensity levels to choose from.

That’s a whole lot of additional features, rare to come across in this price range.

Zero-gravity positioning

This entire set of features is further perfected by the zero-gravity seating and compression massage technology.

The zero-gravity seating completely relieves your back of any pressure by raising your legs to the level of your upper body. It also helps with the circulation of blood and allows the rollers to render a deep penetrating massage.

And the 36 airbags cover a lot of surface area on the lower body, resulting in a compression air massage, which helps a lot with relieving the muscle knots below the torso.

What could have been better?

Honestly, I’m in love with this model from Cozzia as they did an outstanding job with the chair’s versatility, but it would’ve been better if they’d included rollers for the feet. Instead, the foot massage is totally dependent on the airbags which can never beat the precision of rollers, however advanced they may be.

  • Adjustable timer
  • Activate specific airbags
  • Remote for a better body scan
  • Adjustable leg rest
  • Easy-to-use remote
  • No foot rollers


If you asked me whether I’d go for this chair or not, I definitely would. Cozzia 16027 is a great massage chair, even for people of over six feet in height. As all its parts work in perfect sync and complement each other, it’s a wonderful remedy for chronic muscle and back pain.

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