Kahuna LM6800 Review 2020

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Most of my readers often ask me about massage chairs that come with a space-saving design.

Kahuna, in my opinion, is one of those brands which has really changed the game with its feature-rich chairs that do not take up much space at all.

One of the models that’s popular in this department is the LM 6800. It stands out for the loads of features it can pack into a beautiful minimalistic design. Also, it’s amazing to see this little beast perform a complete relaxation exercise without taking any more than a 3-inch space from the wall.

As I’m quite impressed with the unique feats it can pull, I want all my readers to have an unbiased opinion of this chair. This is more so because out there, I couldn’t find many authentic reviews of it.

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Kahuna LM6800 Review 2020: Why buy this product?

kahuna massage chair reviewThe thing about Kahuna massage chairs is that they always manage to come up with the most optimum features without stretching your budget too far. Whenever the options become too overwhelming for me, I always go for a Kahuna chair as they always manage to include some unique features in most of their models.

But does the LM 6800 really stand up to the legacy of its manufacturer? Let’s find out.

Relaxation with therapy

The signature aspect of the LM 6800 is its great body-stretching program that also has excellent therapeutic benefits. They call it the “Yoga Stretching Program” that both relaxes and rejuvenates your body. You can use it right after you wake up in the morning for topping up your energy levels or simply to unwind after a long day. What it does is, it stretches your entire body into a curvature of about 180 degrees and boosts circulation to give your aching muscles an instant relief.

Relaxation completes with another unique program, SH-Chiro

Well, your strained, aching muscles will get a further relaxing cover-up with the patented SH-Chiro massage program of Kahuna. This amazing feature works around the spine and regulates the electrical impulses throughout your body with its spin-pressure relief system. It closely mimics the hands of a professional masseur, releasing all the muscle knots in that area to prevent any recurring pain.

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The L-track system and Quad rollers

kahuna lm6800 reviewI used to wonder how the Chiro program works so well that after every use, I could feel the increased circulation in the lumbar region. Then I realized, the 4 rollers form the source of this comfort as they align themselves perfectly to my body with the help of the L-track system.

Well, the L-track technology is an industry-standard now that tracks your entire spine to identify the pressure points. The rollers then do their job by moving along these points, and in the Kahuna LM 6800, they further enhance these two massage programs to hit the sweet spot of therapy and relaxation.

The Advanced Airbags and a whole lot of added features

The LM 6800 is packed with too many surprises to stop drooling over them! Most massage chairs that I’ve seen tend to miss out on some body parts and leaves you wanting for more. Kahuna doesn’t leave any gap in the relaxation experience, and that’s true with the LM 6800 model as well.

Its 28 double-layered airbags are specially designed for an improved compression massage that works alongside the Chiro and yoga stretching programs. The 3-stage zero-gravity seating adds the perfect icing to the cake, taking all the pressure from your back and hitting that ideal point of comfort every time. Go totally weightless with this massage chair!

Other than this, you will find 6 massage programs, 5 manual massage techniques, heating therapy for the lower back and legs, and adjustable roller speeds.

While all these aspects combine into a massive relaxation experience, I still feel the model could do with some improvements.

What could have been better?

Well, this model scores pretty bad in terms of installation. Putting this beast together seemed a mess at first, and only after a whole lot of Youtube videos, I could catch up with the process. Other than this, let me warn you that the foot rollers are going to hurt like crazy! They are extremely hard for my feet even with my socks on, because the fabric underneath the rollers is super-thin. You gotta punch them with some fabric, and only then they would work fine.

  • Sturdy and durable construction
  • 2 unique massage programs
  • Heat therapy for legs and lumbar region
  • Space-saving design
  • Real zero-gravity seating
  • Foot rollers hurt
  • Installation is a bit difficult


Kahuna LM6800 is one of the high-end massage chairs on the market, and it should be a worthy investment on your part, so think hard before you sign up. If you ask me, I’d suggest you have a slice of this piece despite the pitfalls, because the different massage programs take the relaxation quotient to the next level.

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