Synca Wellness CirC SL Track Heated Massage Chair Review May 2023

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In the world of massage chairs, we always tend to go for the most famous brands out there, just to ensure it’s a worthy investment.

However, by doing this we miss out on many new brands that too deserve our attention.

This is why, very recently, I tried the CirC massage chair from Synca. At first, I brushed it aside upon finding that it comes at a modest price from a relatively new brand. I was skeptical as I had no previous experience with any product of this company.

But one day, as I was researching some massage chairs that come with therapeutic features, I found many people have recommended this massage chair.

And after finding not many trustworthy reviews on the product, I decided to test the product and write one myself.

So, would it be a worthy addition to my list of therapy-cum-relaxation chairs? Let’s find out.

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Synca Massage Chair Reviews May 2023: Why buy this product?

synca massage chair reviewsSynca Wellness is an upcoming brand that’s slowly gaining a foothold in the massage chair industry. Synca’s USP mostly lies in their modestly-priced, feature-rich chairs that seamlessly blend with any home decor.

And if you own a small apartment like me, I’d definitely suggest you go for its CirC massage model as it comes in many unique shades and sleek, space-saving design. But I’d also like you to have an unbiased opinion on the product before getting it. So, here are its features.

Surprisingly small

There’s a rumor about the chair that it can only suit kids, but I’d suggest you not give an ear to it because I found the chair to be quite big, if not huge.

While I’m skeptical about how well it can accommodate people of over 6 ft in height, it would easily fit an average-sized person. You wouldn’t believe how less space the chair occupies without seeing the model upfront.

People with a space crunch issue can have a slice of this!

L/S track massage and Dual Rollers

Dual rollers are outdated, as the advanced quad-roller technology is the new standard in the industry. Although Synca included the dual rollers to cut down on the overall cost, it’s for them that the entire massage experience suffers a bit.

However, if you’re looking for a silver lining, it comes in the form of the L and S-track massage system. It does a pretty good job of mapping your entire back right up to your glutes and the back of your thighs, and the S-track locates pressure points around the spinal area and reclines the chair according to its shape.

Taking a look at each aspect separately, they wouldn’t fare much. But a combination of the dual rollers and the L/S track massage work together to give you a thoroughly relaxing massage. Still, I missed the fantastic quad rollers!

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Some therapeutic features: Heat and lights

Well, I have found very few massage chairs that are a combination of therapy and relaxation, and it was good to see this chair include therapy within its forte as it comprises a heat-massage mode. Although the heat is confined to the lumbar region, it significantly adds to the relaxation quotient of the chair and is excellent for your circulation.

Added to this, there’s a unique feature that borrows from the modern concept of light therapy. The CirC massage chair comes with a pair of amber LED lights that add to the overall relaxing experience. However, I’m skeptical about calling it chromotherapy, since therapeutic lights function a bit differently.

Some added features

The chair also offers airbag compression massage, an easy-to-use remote, 3 massage techniques (kneading, rolling, tapping), 5 auto-massage programs, and other customizing options. Each massage technique has 3 intensity settings, and if you want to get a bit more than the predefined modules, there are self-customizable zones and spot massage modes as well. They allow you to direct the rollers on the specific areas of your choice, and that works pretty well.

What could have been better?

Overall, this is a decent massage chair that comes with great features at a modest price. But to cater to everyone’s budget, they’ve included some outdated features such as dual-rollers, which is a genuine disappointment. Moreover, looking at its small size, I’m not sure if the chair can suit the height range it claims.


  • Superb space-saving design
  • Therapeutic light
  • Lumbar heat
  • Self-customized spot and zone massage mode
  • Easy-to-use remote


  • Outdated dual rollers
  • Not fit for tall people


CirC by Synca is a medium-end massage chair that can fit in any room with perfect ease. Yes, I agree it lacks some of the trending features, but Synca’s focus on a combination of therapy and relaxation makes this model stand out from the rest of the crowd.

So, if you’re looking for a massage chair that heals and refreshes your body, you should definitely go for this model. At this price, I am quite sure you won’t be disappointed.

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