Rug Doctor Flex Clean Reviews 2020 – Clean Rugs Without Soiling Them

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flexclean reviewsBuying a rug is easy; maintaining it is the hard part.

Rugs get dirty very quickly, and if you have a rug that’s light in color, boy oh boy, is it going to look hideous after a month!

Apart from the dirt, oil, grime, and earth that your feet track in which generally float around the average household, rugs can also be dirtied by none other than your furry friends!

DIY-ing a rug-cleaning session is not recommended as you’re likely to soil the thing. The alternative is to take it to a professional who will charge you through the nose for every cleaning.

So, what should you do? Get the Rug Doctor Deep Carpet Cleaner, that’s what! It is the latest cleaner made specifically for rugs and makes light work of cleaning your rugs without damaging them.

And today I’ll be taking you on a tour of the Rug Doctor, so let’s get started!

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Rug Doctor Deep Carpet Cleaner Reviews 2020

rug doctor pro reviewsRug Doctor has been a significant player in the household cleaning appliances industry for 43 years. Their machines are sold in major retail stores such as Walmart and Tesco, not to mention online stores such as Amazon.

The Rug Doctor Deep Carpet Cleaner is a professional-spec carpet washer which cleans dirt, grime, and stains off of rugs. Rug Doctor claims that their cleaner offers 70% more suction power than a traditional cleaner.

The machine features a 7.7 feet hose and two dual cross-action brushes with ten rows of bristles arranged in a criss-cross pattern, which reach into the rug’s deepest recesses and cleans them thoroughly.

Along with cleaning the whole rug, this cleaner is also great for cleaning specific areas which need extra attention. It features a Super Boost mode which is excellent for heavily soiled patches.

The cleaner can be used for cleaning upholstery, stairs, and beds as well, by attaching specific accessories.

Speaking of accessories, to ensure that you don’t lose any of them, Rug Doctor also features a tool caddy which keeps them organized and prevents misplacement.

Dumping the trash and cleaning the cleaner itself is easy as it features simple tanks which can be lifted out and emptied into your trash can. And when you’re done cleaning, you can just fold and collapse the handle to store the Rug Doctor easily.

Standout Features

  • Features dual cross-action brushes with bristles for deep cleaning
  • Dirt tanks can be lifted straight up and emptied with ease
  • Can be optioned with Pet and OxyPro cleaner add-ons
  • Offers 70% more suction power than traditional cleaners
  • Extra-wide 12” suction head
  • Comes with a removable tool-caddy for your add-ons

My Experience with the Product

rug doctor carpet cleaner reviewsI have been using the Rug Doctor for about three weeks now, and I have to say that I am in love with it!

It is a fantastic device and has relieved me of the anxiety of choosing between DIY washing my rug (and risk soiling it) or smashing my piggy bank and taking it to a professional cleaner.

I came to know about the Rug Doctor via an online advertisement and ordered it straight away. Since then, it has been working flawlessly and rids my rugs off of those hideous stains.

The operation is easy, though it takes some getting used to as it may seem counterintuitive to the uninitiated. Instead of pushing the cleaner forward, you have to pull it backwards to work.

However, this method of operation is actually better than the traditional one, because it places less of a stress on your back and knees. Moreover, Rug Doctor has gone to great lengths to ensure that their machine remains portable and the wheels underneath the machine aid the operation.

While it is not essential to use Rug Doctor’s cleaning solutions, it is recommended to do so for the best results.

After the first cleaning session, I proceeded to empty the dirt tank. It is surprisingly easy to do so. With other cleaners, you have to faff about with bags and stuff, whereas with the Rug Doctor, all you have to do is lift the tank and tip the contents over into your trash can. Simple!

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What did I like about the product?

rug doctor portable spot cleaner reviewsI have been using the cleaner to clean not only my rugs but beds and vehicles, and I am delighted with its performance.

There are a lot of things to like here, starting with the cleaning itself. You move the cleaner in a backward motion, and the dual cross-action brush and its bristles reach into the depths of the rug, kind of like your dentist brushing his own teeth.

The cleaner also pours cleaning solution onto the rug to ensure that stains get cleared up as effectively as possible. For those obstinate stains, I used Super Boost mode.

I love the wheels on the bottom of the cleaner as they make maneuvering it a piece of cake. They are designed to aid the user with moving the Rug Doctor as it’s supposed to be moved.

What could have been better?

Nothing’s perfect, and the Rug Doctor is no exception.

I didn’t particularly like the fit and finish of the Rug Doctor. Sure, it will last reasonably long, and I don’t see it breaking anytime soon, but it just looks and feels a little cheap and tacky.

The second problem I have with the machine is that while disposing off dirt is very easy (as mentioned, just lift the tank and tip it over), cleaning the area which sucks in the dirt i.e. the head of the cleaner is an arduous task, as it is non-detachable and features many fine bristles.

  • A wide variety of applications – cleans rugs, beds, vehicles, etc.
  • Easy disposal of dirt
  • Maneuvering it around is a breeze
  • Super Boost removes the toughest stains
  • Head of the machine is not easy to clean
  • Fit and finish could’ve been better

rug doctor pro deep carpet cleaner reviews


The Rug Doctor is an excellent product for those looking to clean their rugs without ruining them or breaking the bank. It is easy to use, easy to live with, and has a ton of applications. A great product, it is one I highly recommend buying.

Happy cleaning!

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