iRobot Roomba 891 Review 2020

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roomba 891 reviewRobot vacuums or robovacs are the newest floor cleaning powerhouses in the block.

And though they may not have been all that popular among homeowners a decade ago, they’re taking over the current market with ease.

As technology improves, robovacs too are made much more capable along with it; so much so that they’re capable of competing with their traditional counterparts.

But there are a lot of robovac models out there, and picking the one that can fit you is often a difficult task to be perfectly honest.

So, to help you out, I have come up with a review on one which is not just a personal favorite, but also the most versatile robovac out there today.

I recently had the opportunity of seeing the iRobot Roomba 891 in one of my client’s home that I was decorating. Needless to say, I wanted to have one for my own right away (which I did).

And I base my review today on my personal user experiences, so sit back and read along.

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Roomba 891 Review 2020: What makes it so very special?

A unique 3-stage cleaning process

irobot roomba 891 reviewNow, what keeps iRobot Roomba 891 a step ahead of the competition is the amazing cleaning ability that it possesses.

It has a patented iRobot 3-stage cleaning method which helps to thoroughly clean out the dirtiest carpets in a matter of minutes.

This system has particular individual steps that are well integrated into the vacuum cleaner itself and will begin to work as soon as the device is activated.

Lift Stage

The Lift Stage is the primary stage of cleaning of the vacuum cleaner where it employs the use of the two side-brushes as well as the main brush which is present in the middle of the device.

This step is all about lifting dirt, dust, and debris from the floor and loosening it up so that it can be cleaned away easily later.

Sweeping Stage

The second stage is where the majority of the cleaning takes place.

During the sweeping process, the Roomba 891 sweeps up the previously loosened dirt, debris, and dust and moves them closer to the suction pathway which is present near the big brush.

Suction Stage

In this final stage, the dirt that has been swept is finally sucked into the vacuum and stored in the dirt bin of the device.


irobot 891 reviewWith visiting homes and putting forth interior decoration ideas to my clients being most of my job, I have had my fair share of experiences with robovacs.

You will be surprised to know how many people actually have them on their floors today, and how very convenient and reliable they truly are.

However, in terms of performance, I have not seen a single robovac model that was as thorough as what I found the Roomba 891 to be.

The 3-stage process along with the superior suction capabilities makes it an incredible cleaning machine that can make quick work of any type of floor.

May it be hard floors like hardwood or soft floors like rugs and carpets, the Roomba 891 will provide you with unparalleled performance no matter what.

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Ease of Use

irobot roomba 891 robot vacuum reviewsOne amazing feature of robovacs, which is true for the Roomba 891 as well, is that they are incredibly easy to use.

I was able to connect it to my smart device and with the iRobot Home App, access various tips and tricks about using the device, along with scheduling a cleaning duty anytime and from anywhere.

The app hosts push notifications as well and I get a lot of real-time updates when the Roomba 891 is out on a scheduled clean run.

Better Battery Life

Unlike most other robovac models out there, Roomba 891 has pretty big battery life.

This was something that actually pleasantly surprised me about this device. Because of the 3 stage process and the higher sucking potential, I thought that the device would drain itself out rather fast.

However, I found that it lasted for about 90 minutes with just one charge, which is more than enough for a single cleaning around my house.

Perfect for homes with pets

This is one feature of the Roomba 891 which I absolutely love. I have two cats at home which shed their fur every now and then.

Now, most robovac models that I had used prior to the Roomba 891 wasn’t able to deal with animal fur all that well.

Hence, the Roomba 891 felt like a godsend to me, as it was able to deal with all of my cats’ shed fur spectacularly.

The front of the device is designed with Dual Multi-Surface brushes that handle pet hair effortlessly and significantly minimizes the risk of hair tangles as well.

It also comes with high-efficiency filters that can capture all of the allergens like pollens and particulate matter which are as small as 10 microns.

What could have been better?

There is just one aspect of the Roomba 891 which I had a particular issue with, and that was with its random cleaning cycle every time it bumps into something.

Every time the device bounces off of anything, it doesn’t seem to be all that aware enough to make a slight turn, so it does a complete 180-degree turn instead and starts to randomly choose a different route.

It often uses the same route more than once and keeps bumping into the same object over and over again, repeating the entire process till its bag is full or the battery runs out.

Scheduling a different path can solve the issue, but I still find it to be rather inconvenient most of the time.

  • The 3-stage cleaning process makes it one of the most thorough cleaning devices
  • One of the best robovac models which deals with animal fur spectacularly
  • Higher than average battery life (lasts up to 90 minutes with one charge)
  • Picks up a random path every time it bumps into an object


The iRobot Roomba 891 Robot Vacuum is indeed one of the most versatile robovac models out there in the market today. From cleaning up animal fur to keeping your carpet spotless everyday, it can truly become your best bud when it comes to home maintenance.

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