iRobot Roomba 890 Review 2020 – Enhanced Levels of Automation, Ease and Comfort

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roomba 890 reviewHonestly, cleaning is a pointless activity.

Yes, we do feel great about ourselves and our surroundings after we’re done cleaning up after the kids, the dog and ourselves, but how long does the clean feeling last?

A day? Maybe two? Three, at max?

And what after three days? More back-breaking cleaning. If only there were some way to ease the burden!

Well, fret not, now there is a way. The Roomba 890 is the latest useful and value-for-money product from serial innovators iRobot, and after using it for most of the icky cleaning that all of us hate to do, I can safely say it’s a must-buy.

Hi, I’m Heather, an interior designer with a strong dislike of manual cleaning, and here’s my review of the iRobot Roomba 890.

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iRobot 890 Review 2020: Why Should You Buy It?


irobot roomba 890 reviewBefore we start with the features, let’s kick off with the Roomba’s design.

While at first glance it looks like a peculiar little thing, shaped more like a UFO than a vacuum cleaner, I soon realized that the Roomba’s design is brilliant and adds functionality.

The Roomba is pretty short, making it perfect for crawling under furniture and cleaning hard-to-reach places. The Roomba’s top features three buttons: a mammoth “Clean” button that is ideal for everyday use, a “Target” button and a “Home” button.

Underneath the Roomba, you’ll find an “Edge-Sweeping Brush”, which makes light work of sweeping those hard-to-clean edges, where the wall and the floor meet. You’ll also find two cute little wheels which guide the Roomba gently along its noble quest of… cleaning your house!

Further, the Roomba features two kinds of sensors: “cliff-detect” sensors running along its circumference till the middle, and “dirt-detect” sensors which tell the Roomba to concentrate on certain areas.

Lastly, the underside also features two cleaning brushes and a high-efficiency filter, which is claimed to capture 99% of particles no smaller than 10 microns.


irobot 890 reviewNow that I’ve walked you through the Roomba’s knick-knacks, let’s see how well they work!

Starting with regular cleaning, iRobot claims that the Roomba delivers 5x the suction power of the previous model, the 600, and I have to say that I’m convinced. The Roomba leaves no speck of dirt lying around the floor… I don’t get a single opportunity to go, “Aha, you missed a spot!”

The dual brushes do a wonderful job of picking up even the finest particles of debris, dust, dirt, and most importantly, pet hair.

The army of sensors works well. The cliff-detect sensors stop the Roomba from falling off stairs and ledges, and the dirt-detect sensors magically know which areas are most dirty, letting the Roomba work extra hard.

One of my favorite features of the Roomba is the edge-sweeping brush. Conventional vacuum cleaners do not do a good job of getting the fine muck and dirt from wall-floor edges, making them look absolutely disgusting.

The Roomba resolves this issue with the edge-sweeping brush, a tri-spoke item which revolves and snatches up even the tiniest particles, making the walls look newly whitewashed, at least from down below!

Lastly, switching from carpets to hard floors is not something to bother about, as the Roomba transitions effortlessly thanks to the chunky wheels and the brushes’ smooth action. The dual brushes are just as effective on a fur carpet as they are on a wooden floor, and crossing ledges is no bother.

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roomba 890 review pet hairThe Roomba 890 is as convenient as it is capable.

Apart from the obvious convenience of an automatic cleaner, the Roomba comes with its own smartphone app, so you can initiate cleaning from any corner of the globe.

The Roomba comes with “virtual wall” sensors which allow it to create a digital map of your room. This, coupled with the cliff detect feature, make the Roomba a mini-Tesla with its autonomy!

This smart automatic cleaner is also compatible with Amazon’s assistant, Alexa and Google’s own Assistant, making it easy for you to command it around using an Echo speaker or by speaking “OK Google.” Magic!

Moreover, you won’t have to worry about the Roomba running out of juice, because it intelligently detects its battery level, and because it knows where the charger is located, it automatically glides back into its home to relax and recharge.

Lastly, you can schedule the machine’s cleanings, even by room should you wish so, and get detailed cleaning reports of each cleaning.

What Could’ve Been Better?

Battery Life

review roomba 890The Roomba offers an hour of battery before having to return to its charging base. And while that seems more than decent to me, some consumers have been picky about the fact that some of its rivals such as products from Neato have more battery life.

Build Quality

Some long-term users have complained of the build quality of the Roomba; however, iRobot assured me that since then, the issues have been taken care of and quality control checks are in place.

However, I cannot comment on its long-term build quality, but I will say that in-hand, the Roomba felt sturdy and certainly not the kind of product that’d turn out to be a lemon.

  • Army of sensors makes the Roomba intelligent
  • Dual brushes make light work of cleaning the toughest spots
  • App and assistant integration enable remote commands and scheduling
  • Seamless transitioning from hard floors to carpets
  • Better battery life would’ve been appreciated
  • Build quality remains to be judged


Irobot Roomba 890 is an excellent product for several kinds of people; for example, high-profile lawyers, senior citizens with back problems, and the Dorito-consuming slob. Everyone can find a use for the Roomba!

Now, iRobot has equipped the Roomba with some truly innovative and futuristic features, which further enhances its level of automation and consequently, ease and comfort.

It’s army of sensors, dual brushes, mobile app, assistant integration… all these things combine to make the Roomba an outstanding product compared to the competition, and it is a truly value-for-money product, one I have no qualms recommending.

Happy cleaning!

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