What is included in a deep house cleaning?

deep house cleaning checklist
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Most homeowners take up basic cleaning tasks to keep their homes neat and tidy. However, sometimes what your home needs is a deep house cleaning.

Waking up to a clean and hygienic home can do wonders for your mental health. While most basic house cleaning tasks can be accomplished with regular cleaning, it is important to know when it’s time to call in professional cleaners.

But before we delve into what is included in a deep house cleaning, you need to understand the difference between standard cleaning and deep cleaning. Then, you can easily create your own deep cleaning house checklist for a lovely, clean home.

So, without further ado, let us explore the various aspects of a typical deep house cleaning service.

What Is Included In A Deep House Cleaning

What Is The Difference Between Regular Cleaning And Deep House Cleaning?

As the name might tell you, deep house cleaning includes deeper and more detailed cleaning than a regular cleaning job. Although most homeowners may clean their homes on a daily or weekly basis, it isn’t possible to target each and every spot.

Deep house cleaning services will target and get rid of the stubborn and often unnoticed areas of your home that collect dust, dirt, grime, and germs. Wondering when the right time is to opt for deep cleaning services? Well, it depends on several factors.

For starters, certain areas of the house, like the carpet area, sofas, glass shower door, wall corners, should be cleaned on a weekly basis. These areas generally see a lot of human traffic and activity and can collect dust and grime quickly.

There are other parts of your home which you should ideally clean daily, like the kitchen and the bathroom. Since these are areas that you and family members use daily, it is best to keep them hygienic for everyone’s safety.

On the other hand, deep home cleaning services typically target areas of your home that you may not clean regularly. This can be done once every few months or even quarterly. But if you cannot do it yourself, it is best to call a professional cleaning company to handle the enormous task.

Deep Cleaning House Checklist

When opting for the best deep house cleaning service, ensure that the company includes the following tasks. It is best to explore your options and pick the best cleaning company that can:

  • Clean light fixtures
  • Deep clean window sills
  • Dust baseboard and disinfecting them
  • Dust ceiling fans
  • Clean shower head
  • Clean and disinfect the inside and outside cabinets
  • Clean and disinfect light switches
  • Dusting picture frames
  • Perform fan washing and sanitizing
  • Disinfect toilet
  • Disinfect remote controls
  • Dust edges of walls and floors
  • Wash pillows and changing sheets
  • Scrub floors and door frames
  • Dust lamps
  • Disinfect small appliances
  • Dust electronics
  • Remove deep grime from windows, walls, floors, kitchen, and bathroom
  • Clean mirrors
  • Disinfect and cleaning vent covers
  • Help with unclogging drains
  • Clean outside and inside oven
  • Clean toothbrush holders
  • Clean, reorganize, and remove unnecessary clutter from the house

You can also create your own deep cleaning checklist and target one area at a time to make the task less overwhelming.

Guide To Detailed Deep House Cleaning

Now that you know about the basic tasks that will deep clean your home, let us get into the details.

We’d suggest dividing the house cleaning tasks by area or by room to make them easier to handle. So, in the next section, we will divide each room and discuss the necessary tasks required to deep clean them.

Deep Cleaning The Kitchen

Undeniably, the kitchen is one of the most important rooms of any home. This is where everyday food is prepared and stored, so you need to ensure that all the countertops, utensils, cookware, cabinets, and drawers are clean and sanitized.

All the kitchen equipment should be regularly wiped down and sanitized to prevent pest infestation and germs. Plus, decluttering the kitchen regularly will keep it looking clean and make the final deep cleaning task more manageable.

Here are the main tasks required to deep clean a kitchen –

  • Deep cleaning the kitchen floors, walls, and stovetops of dirt and grime.
  • Cleaning the microwave and oven
  • Cleaning the dishwasher and refrigerator
  • Empting, cleaning, and disinfecting the trash bins
  • Cleaning the wall corners, doors, and windows
  • Cleaning light switches and light switch plates
  • Cleaning all the kitchen appliances, utensils, and equipment
  • Cleaning cabinets, drawers, tables, and chairs

Deep Cleaning The Bathroom

Unlike other rooms that can get away with weekly cleanings, the bathroom is a place that needs to be cleaned regularly. Otherwise, bacteria and germs can fester in the damp, moldy areas to cause diseases.

As such, we recommend cleaning and sanitizing your bathrooms regularly. That said, it is a good idea to opt for deep cleaning services every month (or once in a few months) to get rid of stubborn grime and dirt.

Here are the main tasks you need to focus on to deep clean your bathroom –

  • Cleaning and disinfecting the showers, door frames, tub, and sinks
  • Cleaning windows and mirrors
  • Cleaning the soap dish
  • Cleaning lights
  • Pan washing and toilet scrubbing, and disinfecting
  • Organizing bathroom drawers, cabinets, and vanity
  • Cleaning window sills and disinfect light switches
  • Removing mold and mildew
  • Scrubbing floors

Deep Cleaning The Bedrooms

The bedroom is a sacred haven to most homeowners, and this is where you relax and unwind after a long day. In fact, waking up to a clean bedroom can significantly affect your mood and calm your mind.

So, here are the main tasks you need to complete when deep cleaning the bedrooms –

  • Changing the sheets and sanitizing everything
  • Cleaning the door frames
  • Dusting the edges and corners of the room
  • Dusting lamps and light fixtures
  • Cleaning mirrors and bedside tables
  • Clearing all drawers and cabinets
  • Decluttering and sanitizing the cupboards
  • Cleaning the windows sills and dust baseboards
  • Cleaning light fixtures
  • Dusting crown molding
  • Cleaning ceiling fans
  • Cleaning and organizing wall hangings
  • Sanitizing dust bins
  • Cleaning switch plates

 Deep Cleaning The Living Room

The living room is where most families spend their free time. It is where we invite and entertain guests, relax after a long day, and even enjoy snacks, drinks, and meals. And since it is an area that experiences high traffic, it is also one of the quickest to get dirty.

Unless you actively clean the living room on a regular basis, you may notice a lot of unnecessary clutter building up over time. Plus, areas like the floorboards, edges, and corners of furniture, and the carpet area accumulate dust and grime over time which can be difficult to get rid of.

And this is when deep cleaning services can come to your rescue. On that note, here are some of the major tasks that the professionals should do:

  • Organize and declutter the wall hangings
  • Remove scuff marks from the floors
  • Wash light globes, light fixtures, switches, and plates
  • Clean windows and window sills
  • Deep clean floor and wall for removing stubborn marks
  • Sanitize and dust edges and corners of the room and furniture
  • Dust crown molding
  • Clean cushions and dust ceiling fans
  • Vacuum carpets and furniture

Why Does Your House Get Messy So Fast?

When was the last time you remember cleaning your home? Chances are, just a few days or weeks ago. But if you have just cleaned the house, how did it get messy and dirty so soon?

Although most of us know the benefits of a clean and organized home, keeping it well maintained can take more time and effort than most homeowners can afford. Many people often put off small cleaning tasks for later, and this procrastination eventually leads to an overwhelming mess that can be difficult to handle at once.

While opting for a professional cleaning company every few months is a good idea, you need to stay clean and organized as well. Here are a few tips to help you keep your home clean and mess-free.

Learn To De-Clutter

Most of us are guilty of hoarding things we never plan on using again; it may be because of sentimental value or just the inability to throw something out. However, continual hoarding can lead to a huge mess, which will ultimately become overwhelming to clean.

So, it’s a good idea to declutter your entire home every once in a while. In this regard, you can also donate anything you won’t use again. The mental and physical benefits of decluttering regularly are immense, so it’s high time you try it!

Divide Cleaning Chores

To keep yourself from getting overwhelmed, divide the cleaning chores among family members or roommates. Let one person clean the bedroom while someone else tackles the kitchen and bathroom. You can even split the tasks on a room-to-room or area-to-area basis, focusing on only one task at a time.

Don’t Strive For Perfection

Finally, a tip that might help most homeowners who decide to take up the task of cleaning their homes – don’t overwhelm yourself by striving for perfection. Your home does not need to look like something out of a magazine, nor do you need to maintain hospital-level cleanliness.

As long as you get smaller tasks taken care of, the bigger tasks will get done more easily. Furthermore, don’t compare your home to anyone else’s. Your home can have aspects of your personality, even if it is a little messy at times, learn to go with it. Take up the cleaning jobs when you have time, and tackle each task when you aren’t stressed or overworked.

And you can always call for professional help from a cleaning company to help you with the jobs.


No cleaning task has to be overwhelming as long as you have a game plan in mind. Of course, it is best to leave deep cleaning jobs to a good cleaning service that you can trust.

When looking for professional cleaners, ensure that you pick a company that has experience and the right equipment for the purpose. Furthermore, discuss your deep cleaning checklist with them beforehand and keep communicating your needs.

It is best to opt for deep cleaning services once every few months. However, keeping your home clean and tidy regularly will ensure that you don’t get overwhelmed with the task of deep cleaning.