Best Outdoor Fans 2020

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Does the heat get unbearable on your deck or porch on summer days?

I love spending some time alone on the porch or balcony of my house. Having a refreshing drink amidst the cool evening breeze after a long day at work is simply fantastic! But there have been days when those favorite outdoor spaces felt like the inside of an oven.

If you can relate to that feeling, maybe it is time for you to consider buying and installing an outdoor ceiling fan. Based on my experience and the drastic difference it made during those hot and humid days, I can say that you will not be disappointed. But how do you find the best outdoor ceiling fan?

Today, I will review the best outdoor ceiling fans available in the market.

So, let’s get started, shall we?

My Top Picks

As an interior designer, I tend to buy several appliances for my clients as well as my home. I have used these five fans to get a clear picture of the pros and cons of each of them.

Without further ado, let’s get to all the details and not keep you waiting anymore!

Best Rated Outdoor Ceiling Fans 2020: Hunter Bayview 54-inch Outdoor Ceiling Fan

best patio ceiling fansThe numero uno spot on my list of recommendations goes to the Bayview Outdoor Ceiling Fan from the reputed Hunter Fan Company. The new version of this fan is available in two elegant colors – Provencal Gold and White.

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My experience with the product

Straight off the bat, I liked how easy installation was, but it was time-consuming as none of the parts came pre-assembled. The detailed instructions made up for that though, and you can easily install it yourself.

I loved the reversible plastic blades of this fan, as it gives you the option to choose a wicker or palm leaf design. It is ETL damp rated.

I noticed a slight wobble while using the fan on high speed, but I was able to correct it using the balance kit. Overall, it features typical styling, quality, and features that you may expect from a Hunter fan.

  • Its Whisper Wind motor offers powerful and quiet air movement
  • It has a reversible motor, allowing you to use downdraft mode in summers and updraft mode in winters
  • It comes with two down rods: 3-inch and 2-inch
  • Backed by a limited lifetime warranty
  • The medium speed is a tad bit slow for my liking

Best Outdoor Fan For Patio 2020: Casa Vieja Turbina Ceiling Fan

best patio fansThe next one I have picked for you is the extraordinarily elegant Turbina Ceiling Fan. It comes from the well-renowned Casa Vieja brand. The first thing you will probably notice when you look at this fan is its stunningly brushed nickel finish. But that’s not the only thing to like about it…

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My experience with the product

When it comes to installation, I would recommend not doing it yourself. The small upper housing coupled with lots of wiring makes for somewhat tricky installation, so it would be better to let a professional take care of it.

You can choose from two sizes for this fan – 72 inches and 84 inches, based on the outdoor area where it will be used. It features a UL damp rating.

I especially liked the sturdy metal build of the super-thin blades. It offers an almost quiet and potent air movement. Be sure to mount the included remote control close to the fan, as it is the only way to operate it. Also, ensure that the fan is mounted at least ten feet above the floor.

  • It comes with remote control
  • You can choose from three speed settings – high, medium, and low
  • It has an elegant brushed nickel finish
  • It includes a six-inch down rod
  • Installing it can be challenging, and you may have to hire a professional

Best Wet Rated Outdoor Ceiling Fans 2020: Honeywell Duvall Tropical Ceiling Fan

best wet rated ceiling fansAfter two outdoor ceiling fans with a damp rating, it is time to look at one with a wet rating. Honeywell Ceiling Fans offers the Duvall 52-inch Tropical Ceiling Fan, which is one of the most affordable recommendations on my list. It is available in two colors – white and oil-rubbed bronze.

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My experience with the product

This ceiling fan arrived at my doorstep in a neatly packed condition. The parts appear to be well-built from the moment you take them out for installation. Its “Quick 2 Hang” technology worked incredibly well – I was able to install it and get it working in less than an hour.

I could not notice any vibrations or wobble even at the highest speed, which is a positive! The only issue I had was with its airflow. While it is decent for the covered patio where I installed it, it seems to be much lower than what was advertised by the manufacturer.

  • It comes at a reasonable price
  • Backed by a limited lifetime warranty
  • Installing this ceiling fan is straightforward and quick
  • Its five wicker blades look simply stunning
  • The airflow of this fan seems to be lower than the advertised 5,022 cubic feet per minute

Best Outdoor Ceiling Fans With Lights 2020: Hunter Key Biscayne Ceiling Fan

best outdoor fans with lightsThe Hunter Fan Company offers some of the best outdoor ceiling fans in the market. After bagging the first rank on this list, here is another product from this reputed brand. The Key Biscayne Ceiling Fan features a built-in light and five blades. It has a damp rating from ETL.

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My experience with the product

It should come as no surprise that installing this exceptional fan from Hunter was a piece of cake! The detailed instructions are easy to follow, and you need not hire somebody to install this fan. I took a moment to admire the beauty of this fan after installing it – it looks gorgeous!

Its operational efficiency is just as good as it looks, if not better. It is tranquil even at the highest speed setting. The only downside, in my opinion, is that the light is more for ambiance than utility. You will probably be straining to read a book under the light of this fan.

  • It features a reversible motor that is capable of both downdraft and updraft modes
  • It comes with a pull chain to quickly switch it on or off and change the speed
  • It is equipped with the Whisper Wind motor
  • You can choose from standard, low, and angled mounting
  • The light is a bit dim for my liking

Best Outdoor Ceiling Fans With Remote Control 2020: Casa Delta-Wing Modern Ceiling Fan

best ceiling fan for outdoor porchIt is time to review my final recommendation on this list, and it is another outdoor ceiling fan with a damp rating. Casa Vieja’s Delta-Wing fan comes with an LED light and is available in white ivory, bronze, and silver colors. You can choose from two sizes – 52 inches and 66 inches.

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My experience with the product

I installed the white ivory, 52-inch variant of this beautiful fan from Casa Vieja in a covered front porch. It is reasonably straightforward to install, and you can do it yourself. You will not find a more beautiful fan out there!

There is a very slight humming noise when I switch to the medium or high speeds, but it is barely noticeable so it should not be an issue. It moves a lot of air, and the light seems to do a decent job of illuminating my porch. And it comes with remote control as well.

  • It includes a six-inch down rod
  • It comes with remote control
  • It features three speed settings – high, medium, and low
  • The installation is straightforward and does not necessarily require a hired professional
  • The airflow pattern is limited, and the blade angle could have been better

Indoor Fan vs Outdoor Fan

Before I talk about the factors to consider while buying an outdoor ceiling fan, let’s understand how it is different from its indoor alternative.

All ceiling fans, whether indoor or outdoor, come with a rating from a Nationally Recognized Testing Laboratory (NRTL) like UL or ETL. This rating tells you the ideal location and usage of the fan. One out of three UL ratings are given to every ceiling fan – dry, damp, and wet. I will explain these in detail in the guide that follows.

For now, you need to know that all indoor ceiling fans have a dry rating, meaning that they should never be exposed to moisture.

So what can go wrong if you install one of these fans on your porch, covered patio, or deck?

The fan’s hardware will be prone to rust, which may lead to exposed wiring. You run the risk of electrical fires and burned ceilings. The blades may melt or warp because of exposure to moisture and heat, leading to a noisy and poor circulation or a wobble.

Outdoor fans, on the other hand, are built to withstand the heat and moisture that indoor fans cannot deal with.

Buyers’ Guide To The Best Fans For Outdoor Use

Now that you know why you cannot use an indoor fan out on the porch or deck, I want to draw your attention to some of the critical determining factors for buying an outdoor ceiling fan.


As I mentioned earlier, there are three different NRTL ratings – dry, damp, and wet. Let’s look at each of these individually.

Dry Rating

  • Ideal for indoor use only
  • Cannot handle any moisture
  • Perfect for bedroom, living room, basement, and dining room

Damp Rating

  • Ideal for covered outdoor spaces with no direct rain or snow exposure
  • Capable of handling damp or moist areas
  • Used for air circulation and cooling
  • Perfect for bathroom, carport, kitchen, and covered patio

Wet Rating

  • Ideal for exposed outdoor spaces
  • Capable of handling heavy rain, breeze, and snow
  • Use for tackling intense summer heat
  • Perfect for balcony, pergola, exposed deck, and gazebo


The size of a ceiling fan decides the airflow pattern and reach. The larger the fan, the larger the area it can cover. So before you buy an outdoor ceiling fan, you must know the size of the deck or porch where you plan to install it. Some standard ceiling fan sizes and the area covered by them are:

  • A 144 square-feet area will need a 36-inch ceiling fan
  • A 225 square-feet area will need a 42-inch ceiling fan
  • A 325 square-feet area will need a 52-inch ceiling fan

Minimum Clearance

The minimum clearance required for an outdoor ceiling fan may vary across products. The standard measurements that you should know are:

  • Not less than 24 inches from the nearest wall to the tip of the blade
  • Not less than 84 inches from the floor
  • Not less than 12 inches from the ceiling

These standard measurements will also come in handy when deciding the size of the fan.

Mount Type

The type of mount you will be using primarily depends on the ceiling and the minimum required clearance. If you have a low ceiling, going for a close mount makes more sense. On the other hand, if the ceiling is high enough, you can use a down rod. For a vaulted or angled ceiling, you would have to get a sloped mount.

Style, Color, and Material

The style, color, and material of a fan are based on the look and feel of the outdoor space where it will be installed. You want to get a fan that complements the theme and structure of the area and does not look out of place.

You can choose fans with three blades or five blades, with or without LED lights, with or without a pull chain, and so on.

I recommend ceiling fans made of stainless steel or aluminum for outdoor spaces because fans made of powder-coated metal will easily rust outside. However, stainless steel fans require regular cleaning and maintenance. You can install an aluminum fan if you do not want to be cleaning it often.


An outdoor ceiling fan is a much cheaper alternative than an air conditioner. It can also serve as an elegant addition to your porch, deck, pergola, patio, or outdoor kitchen.

I have tried my best to include a variety of outdoor ceiling fans on my list so you could find one that perfectly meets your needs. And I hope my buyers’ guide helps you to select the ideal option for your outdoor space.