Maax Spas Reviews May 2024

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Who doesn’t look forward to a cozy and relaxing bath?

Frankly, a great bath is a gift everyone deserves after long and tiring hours of work, and what’ll be better than a bathtub to step into for that serene experience? If your bathroom can accommodate one, then congrats – you’re indeed lucky!

However, buying a bathtub is easier said than done, especially with the range of options out there, confusion will creep in rather quickly. But there’s one such tub which I felt deserves all the praise and every potential buyer’s consideration.

The Maax Right Drain Regular Alcove Bathtub has ticked most of the boxes for me, and I am so glad that I decided to bring this home.

So let’s dive into its highlights!

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Maax Bathtub Reviews May 2024

Before I get into the intricate details of this particular tub, allow me to talk a little about the brand. Maax has been a reputed name in the bathware industry for over half a century now. At the same time, it may be helpful to know that a good number of its products come with a premium price tag.

When I decided to upgrade my bathroom, I was looking for a simple soaking tub that remains true to its purpose. Since this was my first time buying one, I also didn’t want to ruin the experience with a troubled installation.

Three weeks down the line, I can say that I made the right call. Let’s see all the features that worked for me.


maax hot tub reviewsEven before I could understand more about the technicalities, the white acrylic body of this rectangular tub caught my eye. The minimalist exterior with square lines running all over works great to render a touch of class to my bathroom. Also, this bathtub has a cubic design, which looks extremely luxurious.

Value For Money

What makes this soaking tub worth the price is the number of features that make it extremely convenient for installing and subsequent use.

Firstly, the tub has an integrated flat skirt base. In simple terms, the guarded bottom of this bathtub has not caused any unwanted marks or damage to the walls. Furthermore, its tiling flange feature is meant for minimum water spillage. Since I have my shower attached above, the tub’s raised edges direct the water running down the tiles into the soaking area.

While finalizing the tub, I opted for an above-the-floor rough design. As I have mentioned before, I aimed to cut down on the number of new adjustments that may come with its fitting. This design ensured that there is ample space between the tub’s underside and my bathroom flooring, so that I didn’t have to relocate my draining pipes. Talk about cost-cutting!

However, this is no compulsion. If you don’t want the pipes to show from beneath the tub, you can also choose the standard layout.

On a side note, you can fit a motor base beforehand for extra safety. I didn’t feel like doing the extra bit, but that didn’t make a difference to its sturdiness.


maax rubix tub reviewAlthough the look and features were nothing short of impressive, my ultimate yardstick for gauging its utility was based on how comfortable I felt while inside the tub.

The sides of the tub are 18-inch high, and even though it may sound like a lot, it’s safe to say that stepping in is no big issue. Moreover, the flat end deck provides just the right support for my head and neck, while I rejoice in the serenity of the space.

With my average height of 5 feet and 6 inches, I can effortlessly submerge my legs in the water. Not only that, none of my taller friends had any complaints with the dimensions.

What Could’ve Been Better?

My only concern about the Maax Alcove bathtub is its non-textured bottom. Whenever I decide to take a shower, I do feel that I may slip and fall. Hence, I tend to be more careful while stepping in or standing up. Having said that, this is not much of a problem as a little caution never hurts anyone.


  • Sturdy
  • Left or right-hand drain
  • Voluminous interior
  • Affordable


  • Slippery surface

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Whether you consider it to be a necessity or a luxury – the Maax Alcove bathtub aces the purpose. Its classy appearance combines well with user-friendly features to make it an experience that’s well worth investing in.

Yes, the slippery bottom is a bit of a concern, but a little attention can easily overcome that problem. So, what’s my final thought? There’s no way that this well-crafted bathtub will disappoint you!