Kohler Walk In Bath Reviews Jun 2024

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A bath, for me, is one of the rare times when I can commune with myself. It’s one of the most important of my daily rituals.

Without the promise of a well-made bath, I can’t focus on my work throughout the day. Just the thought of soaking myself in that personalized pool of water, with no one but myself to share with, rejuvenates me like nothing else.

And it’s not only me but most people who love to take a good bath after a hard day’s work. However, there’s a catch: without the right bathtub, your bath simply can’t reach the level of satisfaction that it should.

That’s why I always go with Kohler when it comes to bathtubs. And today, I’m here to share some of my personal recommendations with you. I’m sure that after going through the following, you’ll yearn to get yourself into one of these bathtubs.

So, without further ado, let’s take a dip.

Kohler Archer Tub Review Jun 2024

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As far as bathtubs go, you can’t go wrong with the Archer series from Kohler. This model particularly takes the cake for me with its elegant design and top-notch quality. Whether you live in an apartment or have a house with a spacious bathroom, this is a product that can change the very way you look at baths forever.

Why Buy This Product?

kohler archer tub reviewApart from the sheer pleasure that comes with purchasing a Kohler product, this tub features multiple attractive attributes that entice. The first thing that is bound to catch your eye is the elegant and sophisticated design that the product exudes from every angle.

Amply proportioned, this bathtub sports a slotted overflow design. This facilitates raising the water depth higher than would be possible for a product without the feature, which translates to a deeper soak during bathing.

As I mentioned before, I like to rest a bit during my bath; I consider this to be vital to my overall well-being. But one of the significant problems that I’ve faced with regular baths is that they seldom, if ever, have the necessary support for enabling a relaxing bathing experience.

I am glad to say that this model takes care of that problem wonderfully. With dedicated armrests and lumbar support, this bathtub allows for an exquisite bathing experience. Couple that with a comfortable depth and right-hand drain, and you’ve got a real winner.

Finally, I’d like to mention that it has a low step-over height that enables anyone to get into and out of it with ease. Stylish, comfortable, and reliable, this bath can be a great addition to your bathroom.

What Could’ve Been Better?

Regardless of all the nifty features that this product boasts of, I’d have been pleased if it had been a bit more sturdy. At merely 122 pounds, this is a rather lightweight product, and some people might worry about its robustness.


  • Better soaking with slotted overflow design
  • Textured bottom surface
  • Lumbar and arm support


  • Relatively lightweight material

Kohler Underscore Tub Review Jun 2024

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A bath is not merely the time when you cleanse your body of the daily grime; it’s also the ritual that lets you cleanse your soul and clear the mind for the remainder of the day. With the Kohler Underscore series, you’re bound to get all that, and more.

Why Buy This Product?

kohler underscore tub reviewThe very first thing that I’d like to mention about this product is the integral apron that gives it a clean, finished look. In any bathroom, this is of immense importance as it contributes to the mental peace that comes with taking a bath.

Most people (myself included) prefer comfort during bathing. Thankfully, the molded lumbar support of this product helps to heal my back after the day’s grind. This is not only therapeutic for the body but my mind as well.

Furthermore, its slotter overflow design allows deep soaking. What’s more, it even incorporates an internal flange that prevents the water from seeping behind the tub walls and damaging the bathroom interiors. It also simplifies the process of alcove installation.

Simple to install, crisp in design, and exuding a contemporary look and feel, the Underscore series is meant for those with a refined sense of style. For luxuriously deep baths that refresh you to the core, this is the product to go with!

What Could’ve Been Better?

This model requires the K-7271 or K-7272 overflow bath drains. The trouble is, they are sold separately, and I had to dole out extra cash to get the fittings. This is rather unnecessary; I would’ve preferred it if the drains came packaged with the tub.


  • Lumbar support for extra comfort
  • Integral apron for immaculate looks
  • Slotted overflow for deep soaking


  • Overflow bath drains not included

Kohler Bellwether Tub Reviews Jun 2024

KOHLER 838-47 Bellwether 60' x 30' Alcove Bath with Integral Apron, Tile Flange and Right-Hand...
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KOHLER 838-47 Bellwether 60" x 30" Alcove Bath with Integral Apron, Tile Flange and Right-Hand...
  • Clean lines and an integral apron create a comfortable bathing experience

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Yet another quality product from Kohler, the Bellwether series provides unmatched character and durability. Enriched with the craftsmanship of the brand, this product offers an impeccable experience that’s impossible to overlook.

Why Buy This Product?

kohler bellwether tub reviewsIf you’ve read this far with a discerning eye (and mind), then you’ll have noticed that the previous two products were acrylic in nature and build. Now, I have for you a cast iron bath that’s enameled for long-lasting durability.

The Kohler Bellwether series of cast iron baths carries a century-long legacy with it. Elegant in design, durable in build quality, and with a variety of options, this product lineup offers the best of KOHLER at an affordable price.

I was particularly impressed by the stain, scratch, and impact-resistant design of the bath that makes it easy to maintain. The clean lines and integral apron provide an exquisite bathing experience, while the 14-inch step over threshold makes ingress and egress easier.

The tiled flange helps to prevent water from seeping behind the tub walls. This allows for simplified installation in any desired bathroom alcove. Also, the wide ledges of the product make for extra storage space where you can stow away towels and other bathroom necessities.

As for safety, I was impressed to find that it is taken care of as well. The bath floor has a slip-resistant surface that ensures accidents don’t happen and provides long-lasting support for prolonged and regular usage. Overall, this is one for the keeps!

What Could’ve Been Better?

At 325 pounds, this is an insanely heavy product! I realize that it’s a testament to the durable, cast iron build of the product, but delivery was curbside, and I had a hard time getting this thing inside. Other than that, there’s nothing to complain about the product itself.


  • Durable cast-iron build
  • Integral apron for alcove installation
  • Low step-over threshold
  • Slip-resistant technology


  • Rather heavy product

Kohler Villager Tub Reviews Jun 2024

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The final product I have for you today is the Villager Alcove bath series, which is perhaps the most popular bathtub from the house of Kohler. Perfect for a single person to soak in, this is a product that offers elegance, style as well as performance all in the same package.

Why Buy This Product?

kohler villager tub reviewsBuilt to give a personalized bath, I fell in love with this product from the very get-go. Made from enameled cast-iron material, it offers the perfect combination of durability and easy maintenance.

One of the most significant problems that I’ve ever faced with bathtubs is the installation. Most tubs are of various non-standard shapes, and this makes them difficult to fit into a bathroom alcove.

Thankfully, the integral apron design of this product not only makes it easy to install but also well matched for alcove installation. Thus, it can fit into any bathroom with ease and offer an unmatched experience.

As regards durability, this product is one of the highly regarded options in the market and promises years of faithful service. Equipped with a left-hand drain and non-slip surface, it has all the qualities to be called an investment rather than a spend. I certainly recommend it for those looking for an unforgettable bathing experience.

What Could’ve Been Better?

There’s nothing to complain about the quality of the product. However, I did find that it was a bit too shallow for my taste. I prefer a deeper bath with more room for movement. But I guess you can’t have the world in a bathtub, can you?


  • Long-lasting cast-iron build
  • Easy to install
  • Slip-resistant finish for safety


  • Not enough depth


And there you have it; my list of the best Kohler baths that you can buy. All the selections made on the list are personally experienced products, and I hope that you can find your pick from among these.

Just keep in mind your budget, the size of the bathroom, and the functionalities that are required. If you’re on the hunt for a cast iron tub, then the last two entries (Bellwether and VIllager) can be the best buys.

On the other hand, if you’re looking for a lightweight acrylic model, then go with the Archer or Underscore series for the best results.