Americast Tub Reviews Jun 2024

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Need a reason to enjoy a soaking hot bath? Well, famous health experts suggest that hot-water immersion is equally beneficial as 15 minutes of cardio.

No, I’m not influenced by “The Age of Bathfluence”, but seriously – nothing ends a stressful day better than a long hot bath session. Luxuriating in a long hot bath never fails to refresh my mood, no matter how exhausted I was beforehand.

Speaking of hot baths, I was fortunate enough to test some of the best hot bathtubs manufactured by one of the biggest sanitaryware brands in the States, American Standard. How was my experience? Let’s summarize it in two words – utterly satisfying.

So, here I am today to share my experience of trying these three American Standard bathtubs. In case you’ve been recently looking forward to purchasing a hot tub, here’s why you should give American Standard a chance.

American Standard Walk In Tubs Reviews Jun 2024

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As we begin our list of top picks, let’s have a look at the American Standard Whirlpool unit. This product has been making waves with its walk-in door feature, which sets it apart from almost every bathtub in the market. But does it deserve your attention? Let’s find out!

Why Buy This Product?

american standard walk in tubs reviewsOne of the biggest reasons why I’m in love with the AS Whirlpool is because it perfectly bridges the gap between world-class performance and ease of use. This product serves correctly to those who are looking forward to adding a subtle touch of antique elegance to their bathroom aesthetics.

As I continued to test some of its core features, its new patented features blew my mind. I’m amazed by its quick drain-powered pump system. Not only does it cut the time consumed in emptying the tub with water by half, but it also drains out the water with the utmost efficiency.

In case you’re in the mood for a hot bath, this product offers a whirlpool heater feature that comes in very handy to warm up the tub water as per your needs.

Also, I love its highly user-friendly and ergonomic design that raises the bar for convenience even higher. Apart from its patented walk-in door, this product also comes equipped with a neck rest for utmost relaxation while enjoying a bath. Not to forget, this product features a breakthrough chromotherapy LED lighting system, which gives it a significant advantage over most of its competitors.

What Could’ve Been Better?

Although I can’t complain about how quickly this tub can drain the water through its trailblazing quick drain feature, I am not satisfied with how it restricts the flow while filling. To be precise, I’ve found it to be taking longer than usual to fill the tub, which can be a little inconvenient.


  • Exquisite appearance
  • Quick drain technology
  • Ergonomics for relaxation
  • Water heating technology


  • Flow restriction

American Standard Princeton Tub Review Jun 2024

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Moving on to some of its best-selling units, the Princeton Americast is bound to add a royal feeling to your bathroom with its exquisite appeal. But it gets even better with the features it offers to make you feel nothing less than a real elite.

Why Buy This Product?

american standard princeton tub reviewTo begin with, its glossy porcelain enamel outer coating not only gives this bathtub an exquisite outlook but also makes it highly resistant to scratches. Also, its non-porous porcelain doesn’t allow any spot buildup on the surface, which saves you from some hardcore stain removal and cleaning. Furthermore, the product comes equipped with an all-steel center to maintain optimal strength.

It’s incredible how the manufacturers have managed to replace the pricey cast-iron construction with a cost-efficient alternative without compromising product durability. To be more precise, I found its formed steel center layer to be quite sturdy, which guarantees years of uninterrupted service.

Moreover, its insulating layer provides a quieter bathing experience than most of the plastic tubs that I’ve used before. What makes it even better is that in spite of its glossy appearance, the bathtub enhances user safety by multiple levels with its advanced slip-resistant surface. It’s further built with American Standard’s patented bonding procedure, which guarantees you an even longer product life.

Last but not least, its trailblazing in-built leveling base makes the installation look like a walk in the park, which isn’t very common amidst bathtubs.

What Could’ve Been Better?

As for me, the flange in the corners of the tub appeared to be slightly thicker than in the center. Apart from that, this product seems to be a little expensive for a bathtub, which may give it a slight disadvantage in the market.


  • Glossy porcelain surface
  • Slip/scratch resistant body
  • Insulated layer for water heating
  • In-built leveling base


  • Thicker flange on the corners

American Standard Whirlpool Tub Reviews Jun 2024

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Our final pick of the day is the Evolution Deep Soak Whirlpool, one of the highest-rated bathtubs manufactured by American Standard. If you’re someone who puts comfort over everything, then its hydro massage system is guaranteed to blow your mind. Let’s have an inside scoop of this product!

Why Buy This Product?

american standard whirlpool tub reviewsConsidering the rich innovative history of American Standard, it’d have been surprising if the brand didn’t try to change the game with the Evolution Whirlpool. Likewise, this product sets higher standards for user comfort and relaxation with its diverse set of features.

To begin with, this product is built with a top-notch acrylic material with fiberglass reinforcement. Not only does it amplify its aesthetic quotient by multiple notches, but it also enables it to maintain years of durability. Furthermore, this bathtub guarantees you the utmost relaxation while enjoying a hot bath with its dual molded-in armrest areas.

Similar to our previous pick, this one also comes equipped with a world-class leveled base that makes it very easy to install. It also features an optional Deep Soak Max drain tech, which makes cleaning a lot more convenient.

I’m in love with its patented hydro massage system, supported with a single-speed motor and an air volume control. It also features six flow adjustable comfort jets, which altogether enhance its efficiency significantly. Overall, after a nerve-wracking day at work, I can always rely on its brilliantly engineered features to rinse off my stress.

What Could’ve Been Better?

For starters, it’s a little upsetting how the bathtub doesn’t come equipped with all the features that are initially advertised. You have to slide in a little extra cash if you’re willing to access it at its best potential. Nonetheless, it’s worth every extra penny you spend.


  • Hydromassage system
  • Top-notch acrylic material
  • Dual molded-in armrest
  • Air volume control


  • Pricing issues


Nothing compares to the warm feeling of comfort, quiet, and solitude that a well-made bathtub by American Standard delivers every time. Whenever I’m stressed out, I fill the tub and submerge myself in its warmth. Apart from relaxation, it keeps my cardiovascular health in an optimal state.

On that note, I hope that you’ve enjoyed reading through my brief review of the American Standard hot bathtubs. Enjoying a hot bath is now easier than ever, thanks to its brilliant tub designs.